Village fair in Bangladesh

Village fair in Bangladesh : Village truthful could be a nice event within the lifetime of the villagers. In some villages it’s persevered explicit gala occasions just like the ‘nowroaj’ or the Baishakh. It gathers on mounted sites. Such fairs take a lot of or less the flip of a ‘Bazar’.

Village fair

The ‘ Pause-mela’ is additionally a awfully necessary village truthful. A village truthful is additionally control to commemorate the death of a saint or associate ascetic person of the village.

It gathers spherical his ‘mazar’ or monumential burial ground. Such a good is extremely solemn. but the day of truthful could be a day of nice rejoicing. Traders from totally different places return to the truthful and created their temporary retailers.

They colourfully decodate their retailers and placed on show their articles to sell. These square measure comparatively low-cost commodity that attract the young boys and ladies most. different things that lure the kids square measure ‘muti’, ‘binni’, ‘khoi’ and kinds of candies and ‘sweet meats’. the ladies get their material utensils and picket instrumentation bought from the truthful.

The village truthful is additionally place of joy and fun. Magicians , circus parties and opera bands conjointly place up their tents in an exceedingly village truthful and raise the thrill and delight of the individuals. everyone waits for this annual event with nice hope and attends it with profound pleasure.

Dhaka intrnational trade fair

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