Victory Day-16 December in Bangladesh

Victory Day-16 December in Bangladesh : The sixteenth of December, 1971 is a red letter day in our national history. It used to be on this day we were to snatch our independences after a existence and demise liberation combat for lengthy nine months.

This victory was once a victory of proper in opposition to wrong. It was a fighting of self-emancipation. Every year we take a look at this day in a colourful manner. This day reminds us of the supreme in a colourful manner.

This day reminds U.S.A. of the supreme sacrifice of our freedom combatants United Nations agency can ever shine in our hearts just like the glowing stars within the sky. however at an equivalent time we’d like to remember the spar of the liberation war.

We desired a united states the place justice will be triumphant over injustice and wrong. Instead, we are now having a night-marish ride of lawlessness, violence and misrule. The lords of the mischief mongers are getting upper hand in the society, whereas the meek and slight come to be the worst sufferers. Disorder in the whole lot has turn out to be the order of the day.

Special Programme for the day : Every 12 months the Government, extraordinary company and institutions take tricky programmes to celebrate the day on a befitting manner. The countrywide flag is hosted in all essential offices, buildings, establishments and shops.

All important places are tastefully decorated. Meetings and seminars are held to provide an explanation for the importance of the day.On today we tend to pay prosperous tributes to the memory of the day. On today we tend to pay made tributes to the memory of the martyrs United Nations agency arranged down their lives for the sake of our independence.

So let all of us understand the sprit of the victory and see to establish just legal guidelines in the u . s . to construct it as a u . s . which rightly be called ‘Sonar Bangla’

Robidro & Nazrul joyonti in Bangladesh

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