Tudochora Chorna in Khagrachori

Tudochora Chorna In the Dighinala upazila of Khagrachari district, the name of the two festivals in between the green hills and the wild forests is named by the Taiduchara shower. In Tripura, ‘teedu’ means ‘water door’ and rhyme means shower. Excellent beauty and natural variation has given this fountain a different dimension. Teeduura is one of the few places to visit in Khagrachari.

There is water in the hills and green forest jungle with the cranked mountain lane. Chillipash is a cool, transparent, trickle of water and runs in the running. Water flowing from the hills of 300 feet high is coming to the rocky ground. Like all other fountains its water does not fall down to be straight. The rocky steps formed on the stairs of the hill are falling down.

Dighinala is an upazila of Khagrachari district. Dighinalala can go directly from Dhaka or Khagrachari by car. It is better to stay in Dighinalaya without having to spend the night at Khagrachari for touring Teduchra. There is a good quality resthouse for staying here.

If contacted, it may be possible to book beforehand, or book your book further. In that case, the booking will be left to fate. And if you do not have a restful house, you can arrange accommodation for the local people. From Dighinala to the car, it is possible to go to front of the people of Chappara. After that there is no way to drive and the rest of the road will have to walk.

It takes about four hours to reach Dighinalala all the way up to Tayduchari. Depending on the walk speed So it is possible to come back in the morning before the evening of Anayasee. The way to come is not boring at all. Walking on the walk as much as not fatigue will consume you more than its natural beauty addiction. It can be said that you will be addicted by closing eyes.

Not only from Dighinala to Taeduchra, you will be surprised only after the entry of Khagrachari. Clouds like the green mountains, the blue sky, and the white fog will keep you awake. After the hills, mountains, sometimes small houses Perhaps you have never seen that lonely and clearer nature. Just wondering why the nature of Bengal is so beautiful? The sky and the mountain mitali will fascinate you and the time of the journey will be cut in the moment.

The distance from the Tappapara or Pomangpara, many jhiri, mounted hills, somewhere the knees are equal, and somehow going through the same river of the equally well and wild jungle, after almost three hours walk you will reach the first shower. It is about 60 feet high. Water from the fountains to the mountains, then it comes down from the hills and meets a small lake. Awesome scene

The first fountain will get very close to the mountain shield on the right side and the second fountain will be nearby. Here it will be about 100 feet above the monkeys, about 80-85 degrees Angle shields. When you get up first, you will see the shower face where the water from the first water falls. Water from the second fountain to the water is coming here. It can be reached after a few hours of walk along the shore path in the second fountain. The path of this path is as difficult as the thriller and the aamaha is beautiful. The water is coming down from the raging speed. This velocity has to walk on the water constantly. Banyan bayaya where water flows low and there is shaola.

The legs slipped a little bit. Sometimes the water currents here are too much to push down. So, pressing the foot here will have to walk very carefully. Once slipped, it will be thrown away hundreds of hands. There will be more to go from here. On the way, we should have large stones and waist-like water. Then you will get the second Tedu Jhorna.

He is wonderful and beautiful, he fountains. It is so beautiful and exceptions that no one else will ever live. The mind will want to jump down the shower. The shower is about 80 feet high. There are many rocky steps like stairs where the water falls in the water directly. The water flowed down the steps.

Standing in steps, the bathing process can be taken away. The long tired walk will be washed in the water of the water. Shower fountain of water from the spring will make you wandering for a while, and how many ways will be to walk again.

There is water throughout the year here. In winter the flow of water is reduced. And to be full of rainy season, full youth. But it is a good decision to go around before the winter and after the rainy season. Around the fountain, just like the green cushion. Zoom farming in the adjacent hills. In the mountains of the zoom, the zum crop field adds a different green.

It seems as if greenery is green in the green. Not only this, the indigenous ethnicity will inspire you here. If you are not familiar with the identity and conversation with the indigenous people and the scenery of the journey path, then your touring journey will be incomplete. Waterfall, zoris, mountainous life, sky and hill hill, Shiva statue of Shivchari, rock stones, elephants of stones and stone snakes, all of which will fill your eyes with satisfaction, you will be able to get rid of them.

How to go: Khagrachari by bus from Dhaka. For some Khagrachari people leave the transport. From the Khagrachhari bus to come to Dighinalala. Nightingale at Dighinalala, with the permission of the administration to take the permission of the administration and guide selection, the next day from Dighinala to the car / motorcycle on the Chappapara. Teducara on foot from Tapanpara. After three hours, you will reach the first fountain and one more hour to reach the trekking hills and reach the junction of second fountain.

Where to Stay: Those who want to stay in Khagrachari, you will find many good quality hotels to stay here. But good arrangements for staying in Dighinala

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