The weather of Bangladesh


The native weather in Asian nation is dramatic, to mention the smallest amount.It is subtropical and tropical with temperatures ranging from as low as 3ºC terribly} very single day among the cold season to a daylight pinnacle of upper than 40ºC among the new season.

Annual precipitation varies from 1000mm within the west to 2500mm within the southeast, and up to 5000mm within the north, on the point of the hills of Assam.

Three-quarters of the annual rainfall happens between June and September. The 90% to 95% humidity in this season is nearly unbearable.

In the cold season the climate is drier and fresh, with average daylight temperatures of 24ºC. Rainfall is negligible, although even in iciness a brief shower may additionally come along.

While early March will still be pleasant, by method of April, because the monsoon approaches, humidness can increase and deadly hailstorms aren’t uncommon.

The monsoon season generally begins between late might and period of time. It doesn’t rain solidly all day – there tends to be associate degree initial rainfall, determined by victimization clear skies. You avoid visiting at now of year! 2

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