The Sundarbans – Mangrove Forests in Bangladesh


Beautiful beauty of Lilabhumi mangrove forest Sundarbans. Rows are beautiful, animal, kayrah, gewa and golpaat tree. The vision goes as far as any artist has made green forests.

How to go from Dhaka
If you want to go from Dhaka to the Sundarbans, you will have to go straight to the bus. Besides, it is possible to go to Khulna on the train and on the plane. You can go to Khulna town from Kamalapur in Dhaka and go to Khulna town. If you want to go on the plane, Jessore will have to go down. From Jessore, you can go to Khulna by bus or car rental. There are many residential hotels in the city of Khulna.

There will be Sundarbans in the morning on the next day and go to the next morning. So you have to go first, Mongla. From Khulna to go to private car or bus to Mongla. Distance to 50 Kilometers From the Mongla ghat to the trawler or launches the Sundarbans. It takes two hours to go to Mongla Ghat from the Sundarbans. In the morning, from Khulna to Mongla, turn back to Khulna in the evening. Apart from Khulna Steamer Ghat, left the Sundarbans launch in the morning. These are different travel agencies. They have to cut the tickets before them.

What to keep with the tourists
Arrangement of drinking water is important during the visit. In addition, the primary treatment box and experienced tour operator. After receiving the permission of the forest officials, the well-educated and armed forest watchman while traveling. Apart from the necessary use clothes. One pair of kiddies, winter clothes, a blanket, radio, camera. When you are tired of the crippling of citizen life Then you can see the beautiful beauty of the beautiful beauty of Sunderbans.

What will be seen in the Sundarbans
The Sundarbans journey will start from the river of the river, soon after rising in the boat, the row of trees of the Sundarbans will be reflected in the eyes. The boat will move on to the west, there is enough room for the boat to sit on the roof. From there, if you look carefully at the river, some dolphins are flowing after a while and are submerged. These are called Botlenose dolphins or Irabi Dolphins. After 40 minutes of the boat will stop coming straight to Karmajal Ghat. Keeping the tide in mind should be kept in mind. You can go to the hurry if you go to the karmajale.

Karamjal is basically deer and crocodile breeding center. Going down on the Karamjal, you will have to cut the ticket in the forest, cutting the tickets of 23 rupees per person will fall into the forest and shiver. Eyes can be seen in the trees, behind the trees, the spots on the spots, the forests of Hattal forest. If you see something moving, it will seem like this that the king of the forest, the Bengal Tiger, is running out of the roar. A huge 3D map of the Sundarbans will be seen in Karjajal.

Here you can easily see your position. After standing upright, two roads will be moved in front and one at the left side, and one hand raises his hand to another. A huge cage can be seen when the road goes off the road, here the deer is living. Basically this deer breeding center, small, large, medium-shaped deer, will run on you. They do not have any fear of man, if they tear the grass and tender leaves, they will start to eat and enjoy them. Then there are the quarters of the crocodile. Here is one year old crocodile and one year old crocodile. It should be surprised to see that the size of this huge crocodile is like a lizard!

The crocodile will meet at the end of the trail in the left side. It is called ‘Mongki Trail’. A large group of 30 to 40 monkeys will be seen to walk a distance of a road made of wood through the Sundarbans. Anytime of the year, they can be found in the same place. This group contains monkeys from all ages of children. Not only will people be afraid to see where they are going, and they will stand in front of them.

The eldest leader in his age, the forest department gave him the name ‘Bhola’ – now he has stood the way, will not let it go anyway. All the monkeys around are shouting together, it’s a terrible situation! If someone runs in fear during this time, then only the end. Monkeys will make the team together! If there is a half-a-cup bottle of soft drinks, then the leader’s eye will be there. If you do not have the time of the bottle, then he will be able to catch up and catch the eye and then pour the whole bottle! You will see that he has left the way. The idea is that you have been taxed in this forest, now you can turn around. Throughout the thirteen monkeys, you can cross the rest of the road without any trouble.

Attractive Tours Spot:
Katkola and Kanchikhali sanctuary center, located at the Tiger Point of Sharonkhola range in the eastern part of the Sundarbans, Karmzal wildlife and crocodile breeding centers near the port of Mongla, and Harilaria Ekoterijam center, and the Hironpoints of the western division are Nilkumar sanctuary, Shekhartek ancient temple, Kartagachia ekotitriyam center of Satkhira-Burigolini, Manmadbaria sanctuary- Tourists The spot the crocodile breeding, care for the sick deer, the deployment of a thousand-year-old dhbansabasesasaha wonderful scenes of nature can be enjoyed. You can also see the monkey, deer, gossip, crabs or crocodile trekking scenes to walk through the forest by walking a wooden walkway made from one to five kilometer in these spots. If there is fate in the areas of Tiger Point, Hiranpoint or Burigolini, Harbari, etc., then Royal Bengal Tiger can be mixed. These places include the observation tower.

Doblaar Char:
Many tourists in the monsoon settlement duckling of fishermen outside the planned spots of forest department. In the winter, there are scenes of dried fish from the Bay of Bengal and the hilsa fish in the rainy season. It will be seen in the stringent life struggle of thousands of jails


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