The National Botanical Gardens in Dhaka

The National Botanical Gardens (botanical gardens), built in Mirpur, have just become a center of entertainment. The garden was established in 1962 for the purpose of organizing science-based plant knowledge, collecting and preserving various species of plants from local and foreign countries …

The National Botanical Gardens
Dhaka: It has become a mere entertainment center, the National Botanical Gardens built in the capital’s Mirpur (Botanical Garden). In 1962, the garden was established in order to organize science-based plant knowledge, to collect, preserve and produce zanapules of various species of native and foreign, but its maintenance is still being undertaken.

Due to lack of necessary manpower, plantation of this garden established in 208 acres of land is not going well. The concerned department or ministry is not responding to the application for recruitment to the vacant posts.

Under the Ministry of Forests and Forests, there are 20 vacancies of 145 posts lying vacant in the Elders of the garden. Of these, there are important officials in addition to the security guard, Mali.

Two of the positions of the research officer of the garden. Both have been left empty for the past five to six years. As a result, the collection of the National Parks, the preservation work, is known as the Living Plant Museum.

Not to mention the exact arrangement of flowers and herbs of gardens in the gardens of the two big gardens of the garden, an official unwilling to disclose the name and more than one Mali. Their complaints, due to lack of proper service, it is no longer a park, has become a jungle.

By showing a rose garden, a gardener said to banglanews, what is the condition of the garden! The grass is full, but there is no cleaner. Earlier, only 16 people were working in the rose garden. Now there are only six. Grass then grows again and cleanses from one end of the garden to the other end.

Similar images of the rose garden can be seen in the garden of other flower and medicinal plants.

Meanwhile, the security of the garden, park parking and ticket sales in front of the garden gateway is a contractor organization called Adonisj Group Limited. The Dhaka Zoo is also in charge of the park.

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