Tajhata zaminbari in Rangpur

Tajhata zaminbari house is a traditional monument of north Bengal. About 3 keys from Rangpur city Located on the south-eastern corner of the lane called Lalbagh, in the surroundings of the surrounded monorama environment.

Tajhata zaminbari

In the twentieth century Maharaja Kumar Gopal Roy, the zamindar of that time ruled the greater Rangpur. He was Govindlal’s son. Maharaja Kumar Gopal Roy was loyal to the British but he was very much liked by the people. From 1908 to 1917, this building was built with the help of 24 thousand masons.

Which is now known as Tajhata zamindari house The landlord’s house, which looks like Ahsan Manzil, is somewhat similar to Dhaka. The length of this building is about 76.10m Various types of stones, including bricks, have been used to build the building. In 1984, the then president Hussain Mohammad Ershad declared the building as the Supreme Court’s Hycto Division.

Later, the High Court Division was handed over to the Archeology Department, in 1991, with the house of 15 acres of land. In 2005, the then Minister of Culture Begum Selima Rahman inaugurated the museum. In the museum, there are hundreds of years of old, traditional and valuable properties that are preserved in the Museum.

Among the most notable sculptures here are the Arabic inscription, the Bengal inscription of sandstone, the arrow used for the Santals, the spears, the terracotta pot, the terracotta peacock, the bronze Durga found in the nineteenth century, the idol of Shiligang, stone statues, meteorite, chandelier (metal), and black stone scriptural inscription.

Ticket Counter is beside the museum gate. The price of the ticket is Rs 20 per person, but children under the age of five do not need a ticket. The admission price for the children and girls of the secondary level has been fixed at five taka.

The ticket price for SAARC foreign visitors is Tk 100 and the ticket price for other foreign visitors is Tk 200. In the summer from 10am to 6pm and in the winter from 9am to 5pm. The holidays are open on Sundays and on Monday from 2pm. Apart from this, the museum is closed on the official special day.

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