Suhagpolli Resort & Picnic spots in Gazipur

Suhagpolli Resort & Picnic spots, One of the attractions of this resort surrounded by 11 acres of high yielding land is the beautiful beauty hanging sanko built on the pond and crafted in pillar and balconies – which attract visitors to the visitors. Due to the huge hangover in the middle of a large pond, the visitors attract more visitors.

Suhagpolli Resort & Picnic spots

There is a double-decker restaurant on the east side of the pond. The name of the restaurant has been named Mejban. Not only that, a lake has been built artificially. So there is always rain or dry water. And the fish of this lake can be seen in different species of fish. There are a number of advanced cottages.

The attraction of cotes is not low. Cottages are built in such a way that it seems like a decorated village in Rome city of Rome. The lake has been floating in front of the cottages. There is a swimming pool and a hallway for the conference. There are 40 officers and employees to provide full-time service. There are variations in the fares according to the needs of visitors. Rent is also offered for various events. Here are the high hills.

Below there is a lot of pictures of the monkeys on the other side, on the other side, there are many portraits, with beautiful watercolors on the loller lane and two pictures of giraffe and deer on both sides of the hill.

Rent: The entry price for visitors is 50 rupees.

How to go: Own transport or passenger bus will have to go to Dhaka from Gazipur. Go to the west road from Maona to the west and go to the north to 5 km to the north. Drim Square will be seen there. Which is located in the north of Gazipur district.

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