St. Martins Island in Bangladesh

St. Martins Island is a small island located on the southernmost border of Bangladesh. An attractive tourist area is an attractive tourist attraction and tourism. It is located in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal and 9km south of Teknaf. Some Arab crew discovered it 250 years ago. They named it “Jazira”. During the British rule, it was renamed “St. Martinin” Island. The island’s local name is Coconut Zinzira

St. Martins Island

This is the Ekmaa coral island of Bangladesh. Its area is 8 sq km. According to 2006 estimates, its population is 7,000. And its density is 875 per square kilometer. There is an added part called Stampede in St. Martin’s Period. It takes about 12 hours to reach the capital Dhaka.

Residents of this island initially took fishing as a livelihood. The main crops of the people are rice and coconut. There are plenty of shawl available here. These are dried and sent to Myanmar. In October and April, the fishermen in the adjoining areas gathered in the temporary markets of the island for the purpose of selling their caught fish. The central and southern areas of the island are mainly comprised of agricultural areas. Most of the food here is exported from the middle-region of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Due to lack of communication, shelter and medical system, and away from the mainland of Bangladesh, there is no end to the woes of the people during the rainy season.

The only way to travel on this island is the waterways. After the hurricane of 1999, the island was overrun by electricity. Large hotels have generators. The island is covered by sun, sea and palm trees. In the morning, sunset and sunset, the sunset scene brought the life of the island back to life.

The St. Martin Island has become a popular tourist spot. For the domestic and foreign tourists, here are 5 Shipping Lines (Shahid Shire Niyad, LCT Kutubdia, Eagle, Curry Cruise, Dine and Kryny Sinbad). Travelers can book their trip from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. This island has an adjacent part of the island, which is named as TruppiPip. No people live in the trash. So travelers have to do this here in the morning so that they can return to the hotel before evening.

In the last 5 years, St. Martin’s visitor population has increased dramatically. That is why it is proving profitable for the people here. Major activities are being taken to preserve marine coral and turtle here. Initiatives have been taken to ban the sale of coral reefs to the visitors, motorized boats and fishing on the island.

Walking on foot, one can cross the island in one day. Because its area of ​​Maa is 8 square kilometers (2 square miles during high tide). The island has survived for its coral reefs. If it is decay, there is a possibility of dip in the water. Sadly, Stanttin has lost 25% of its coral in the last 7 years. About 5,500 people on the island of St. Martin are responsible for fishing.

You will find the best climate and weather in St. Martin on the middle of November and February. This is the main tourist season here. Tourists in March and July must always keep in mind the weather forecasts. Because the cyclone strikes here repeatedly. The island was completely broken down in 1991, but has been rescued and it remains intact even after the 2004 tsunami.

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