Sonadia Island in Bangladesh

Maheshkhali Island is a beautiful place in Cox’s Bazar district. If Maheshkhali does not go to Cox’s Bazar, it is worthless to travel and Maheshkhali is one of the reasons why Sonadia Island View

Maheshkhali Island

Maheshkhali distance of 12 km from Cox’s Bazar district. Sonadia Island is located in the northwest of Cox’s Bazar and south of Maheshkhali Island. By a canal it has been torn off from Maheshkhali Island. And Sonadia Island is situated on the seashore 7 km away from Maheshkhali. Sonadia Island, located in Hohenk Union, Maheshkhali, has an area of ​​9 sq km. This island is made up of mangrove and coastal forests. The dark blue waters of the sea, red crab, kya forests, sea birds, and so on all the enchanting environments always exist on this island.

The water of the canal of Sonadia Island is so transparent and crystal clear that the vessel is moving on top of a glass. Seeing that one hundred years of pain and suffering is forced to forget one by one. Due to the creation of the ocean, the stream of the canals flows far and wide in the branches. Green forest on both sides of the canal. These forests include Keora, Hargoza, Udighas and black and white banyan trees.

The settlements on St. Martin’s Island have not yet been established. Most of the island is in jail and there are some saline farmers with it. In other words, the quality of living is not very good because the settlement here is not being established as Sonadia Island. Because there is no market place in the market.

What makes Sonadia Island the best place to visit in the minds of tourists is the tea here. Although it is very common, taste of tea here is never forgotten.

The end of the island is quite open on the west. There are no settlements in this place. In the green grass carpet wrapped open ground, secluded and uninterrupted air is filled with peace. The red crab bustle around. Watermelon is cultivated in some parts of this island. If you drink the watermelon season then the excess of the taste of watermelon here.

For tourists there is a private marine tortoise hatchery on the island of Sonadaviya. Turtle eggs are collected from the island and stored in the hatchery and then they are released from the eggs and left them in the sea.

Transportation system

Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, Kamalapur, Sayedabad, Kalyanpur, and any place in the country will have to travel by bus, train or any other vehicle. From Cox’s Bazar Kasturi Ghat to Speedboat or engine-driven boat, then Maheshkhali will have to go. Maheshkhali has to go from Gorakhghata to Ghatibhanga till there is a way to go to Babytex. Maheshkhalil Gorakhghata Distance ghatbhangaa distance of 24 km. From here there is to go to Sonadia Island again in the engine boat. Sonadia crossed the Sonadia Channel after breaking the ghatabhanga. Do not have too much water in the canal during the fall. There are two ways to go to Sonadia. Boat while walking or tide. During the tide every day, only one trawler left from West Sonadia to Ghatibhanga. The trawler took the passengers in a while and then returned. U Sonadi-Island is also available from Cox’s Bazar to reserve speedboat and go to Sonadia Island. That is why they have to pay extra money than the fixed fares. Those who love traveling adventure, can go to Sonadia Island by speeding boat directly from Cox’s Bazar at some extra cost.


There is no residential hotel for tourists on Sonadia Island. There is no specific system for eating. If they give money to the local people, they arrange food. And the residents of the island of Sonadia also rely on local residents. But thinking of the pain of being in the night, who will come back before sunrise, they will be deprived of the beauty of Sonadia Island. The sunset here is even more amazing.

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