Shapla Gram in Barisal

Shapla Gram From the monsoon to the beginning of Hemanta, bahilzheel, haor, doba-nala, pond, pond, and low land were naturally born red. The leaves and sesame seeds of this aquatic plant are reddish green. Photographed at night The result of round is many small seeds.

Shapla Gram

This seed is eaten. Flowers are found in ponds of different regions of Bangladesh. And this is our national flower. Apart from this, the National Flower Shapler Watches are drawn in Bangladesh, money and documents. The name of another upazila of Barisal is the name of the best example of the beauty of riverine country.

Green red on the chest This is sort of a beautiful form of God. During the rainy season, the red-flower flower symbolizes the beauty of the eyes. People from remote areas of this upazila are very familiar with Shapla flower. From childhood, floating in boat or swiming, remembering the memories of taking billboards in the village can not be forgotten.

Beautifully decorated flowers in the horizontal pairs of rainy season makes the beauty of the rainy season beautiful. These flowers are visible in small amounts of water harvested in rice fields. Shapala is not just a symbol of beauty, its trunk, data or animal juice is eaten as vegetables. There is small microfilm in the full-grown flowering plant. This kind of sterile seed is seen in people of different villages. This type of food is prepared in a pan. Whose name is ‘Khaap kho’. For this reason, the main ornament of rainy season of rainy season in the upazila should be the national flower shapla.

Livelihood by selling Shapla

However, other than the children of remote areas, they know the flower of flowers through books, but they are completely deprived of the joy of enjoying the beauty of Shapla and the self-discipline from the bills. At present, there are areas of the upazila’s eastern part of Satla, Harata Kalibila, Kuralia, Jalla, Karaffa, Otas and other areas, including Lal Chapala Sanctuary. In the markets of these areas, children from small children are also seen to sell Shapla as vegetables in the morning to earn livelihood. Not only the Shaplai, but the Shalwar root is eaten as a part of the main part of the Shalpara.

North Satla village of Satla union of Ujirpur upazila. Name of the bill in the name of village, Satla bill But it is now better known as Shapla Bill because of the Shapla kingdom. In the meantime, the bill has spread beyond the boundaries of Barisal, especially in other places, especially the people living in the city’s brick-and-stone prisoners rush in the hope of peace. There is a crowd of tourists from morning till evening, in the Shapla Bill.

In addition to making the tourists peace, this bill and its cattle are also provided to the locals. There are several species of domestic fish in the water and there are water on the bill. When the water gets dry, then there is fishing. Occupation occupation of agriculture and fishing.

To build tourism centers

Barisal Deputy Commissioner said that special initiative has been taken to build the tourist center of the bill. Habibur Rahman. He said that among the innovative activities of the present government, district branding is one. Development of the country on one hand, and the image of district and region brighten the image of different districts using its own traditions and resources.

Work on 3 topics to make Barisal district attractive to outsiders. The Deputy Commissioner said, “One of the initiatives announced as Barisal Tourism District, 4 to 5 places have been identified for tourists. One of them is the Satla or Shapla Bill. Shapler bills with a large part of the Sattla Union of Ujirpur There are 3 colorful flowers. Some initiatives have been taken to make Bill more interesting to tourists.

To achieve this, he has been working to improve public transport and improve the communication system. To enjoy the beauty of the beel, we have arranged the boats officially by the tourists’ upazila and union parishad joint venture. To set up a police camp or an Ansar camp for safety, he said, “If there is a plan for building a complex for tourism.

There will be accommodation in the tourist center as well as fresh, rest and prayers. There will also be room for mobile charges at the IT center. In a word, we are working to build tourism centers through a package.

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