Shantipur Auronno kutiord in Khagrachori

Shantipur Auronno kutiord  Pahchhari Upazila is one of the most beautiful areas of Khagrachari district. Shantipur forest cottage was established in the year 1999 in the name of Shantipur in the upazila. It is probably named after its forest cover, because it is named after the forest area.

Shantipur Auronno kutiord
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There are reports that monks used this cottage to practice meditation in a relaxed environment. It is basically a Buddhist temple. The main attraction of this temple is here, the largest Buddha statue of Bangladesh and South Asia. Its height is 42 feet. Every day many crowds see the tourist statue in the hut this summer.

It is a jealous and hateful religious organization. In view of this religious institution, it is open to all communities irrespective of race, religion and caste. It is now known as a pilgrimage and on the other hand a tourist spot. There are more than 25 storied cottons and there are sub-cottons. In the hut and the subcontinent, the monk and the labor are kept in meditation and meditation.

At present, 40 people, including monks, are staying. Among the most notable establishments in the Shantipur forest basin, statue of Gautama Buddha at the height of 48 feet high, statue of Lord Shiva, Mahavidyavira, the idol of Lord Shiva, and the statue of Mahabiya, “Maitree Bhawan”, 100-man-long monastery, 60-man-long house-house, 80-man-length dining hall and The roof of the big Buddha statue Carr financial assistance, financial aid to people in different areas of the donor and the locals respect the physical, mental, and has developed as a result of sincere cooperation.

On one hand, protecting the balance of nature and on the other hand the garden has been planted by planting saplings in the empty place as a source of income for the hut. Since the establishment of a holy religious institution, the people of different communities living in peace and peace are living peacefully through the influence of equality and alliance and religious, social and economic There has been considerable improvement in the field. Every year the donation of the highest donation of Buddhist religion is celebrated properly and thousands of people come from different religious places.

How to go: paved road up to Panchari. After crossing Chengriyreej, the remaining part was partly parted by herringbone. Buses up to Panhauri, then who can be taken by jeep.

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