Shamlapur Sea Beach in Cox’s bazar

Shamlapur Sea Beach ,St. Martin’s original attraction attracts But before going to Teknaf, before going to Saint Martin, do not miss the nice to see Teknaf surrounded by the green hills.

Shamlapur Sea Beach

Beyond the Baharechara Union near Teknaf is an amazing beach beach – Shamlapur Sea Beach. Without fishing boats and fishermen, no such people will be seen in the same way. There is no pair of Shamlapur to get a relaxed quiet atmosphere. Here’s just you and the sea.

With the stormy sea you will find the green touches in the forest. Some people call it as Bahharchara beach. The roar of the ocean, in the calm environment, the nature of the well-being, the fishermen’s fishing scenes, in all, the background of any novel read in childhood.

How to go:
Shamlapur is 20km from Teknaf to Hoykong Road. Go to CNG or Auto Rickshaw Again, you can catch the Marine Drive road from Cox’s Bazar at Shamlapur or Baharhara sea beach. It takes only 2 hours.

Where to Stay:
There is no place to live in Shamlapur. Therefore, you can choose a hotel in Cox’s Bazar or Teknaf.

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