Shah Parar Island in Cox’s Bazar

Shah Parar Island  Naf river estates are located in Bangladesh-Myanmar border. The British claimed this island during the first Anglo-Burmese war. Shah Parikh is a very close island of the southernmost land of Teknaf, and extends up to the peninsula of Teknaf upazila.  The Naf River on the left side of the Shah Parar Island Burma or Myanmar border on the banks of the river

Shah Parar Island

Someone said that the name of the island was named after ‘Shah Farid’ Auliya, according to somebody who was named after the emperor Shah Shujaar ‘Shah’ and his wife Parivanur ‘Pari’. [4] On the other hand, ‘Shahipari’ is one of the poems of Saifid Khan’s poet Hanifa and Kairapari poet of the eighteenth century. Many people say that the name of the island named as Shahpir, the daughter of Queen Queen of Rokham State has been named.

Volume and population
Before independence, the size of Shahpiar Island was about 15 kilometers long and 10 kilometers in width. At present, it is small, length is 4 kilometers and width is 3 kilometers.

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By road, Teknaf 89 km from Cox’s Bazar and 13.05 km from Teknaf on the island of Shahpiar Island.

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