Sea gull Resort & Picnic Spots In Gazipur

Sea gull Resort & Picnic Spots ,No, not ‘sea gull’ in Cox’s Bazar. This is the name of a resort in Gazipur. The resort is very close to Dhaka, the tourist attracts tourists’ minds. Here, the charm of the green makes the mind calm. The indigenous and exotic trees at the ‘Sea Gale’ Resort.

Sea gull Resort & Picnic Spots

Australian palm trees, palm suits, and many other names are not-known foreign trees here. Built on 42 bigha plain land in Singagarighi village of Maoona area of ​​Gazipur, this Sea Gull resort is situated on the land. There are 18 cottages and a lake. There are also children’s entertainment systems, conference rooms and food hotels. Sea Gull Resort has been formed in combination with different species of fruits, herbs and forest plants. There is also a playground. Here you can spend time alone if you want.

Rent: The rooms for the cottages are ranged from 3 thousand to 10 thousand rupees for 24 hours. For picnic or various events, the rent will be Tk 80,000 to one lakh.

How to go: With its own transport or passenger bus, you will have to reach Dhaka-Tangail highway through the crossroads of Gazipur. This highway will have to go to the Safipur market. The resort’s location is located near Sinbah Bazar, 2 kilometers north of it.

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