Sabah Garden Resort & Picnic Spots in Gazipur

Sabah Garden Resort & Picnic Spots  ,The whole resort is decorated with the message of different names of the world’s nominal values. The resort is named Sabah Garden Resort. This is the only resort in the country where there is a library. The world’s cheapest book writer has transformed the resorts of the world.

Sabah Garden Resort & Picnic Spots

The village’s soil and tin house are here. These resorts built on 36 bighas include the portrait of the great intellectuals. There are also many beautiful cottages. There are 6 small ponds big There are also tigers, elephants and some animal portraits.Sabah Garden Resort & Picnic Spots

Sabah Garden Resorts have been formed in different species of fruits, herbs and forest trees. Its main attraction is the wide range of greenery around the area. And this Sabah Garden Resort was established by Hasan Uddin Sarker. He said, it is about entertainment with nature, the worrying of the book is about the crop.

Rent: 60 to 70 thousand taka for picnic or different events

How to go: On the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway crossing the Dhaka crossing through its own transport or passenger bus. This highway will reach the Maona crossroads. The location of Seagull Resort in Singgaridhi village, 4 km west of it.

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