Rong Rang Most popular in Rangamati

Rong Rang Most popular in Rangamati .Longdew-Kattli bills part of the fishing area of ​​Kaptai Lake are the most caught. Fishermen fishing with small decoctions all night. Fishermen sitting in the morning with lots of fish pots.

Pudding, Rui, Chital, Big Boal, Shing, Magura, Chapilasaha many different types of fresh fish, prices are also quite cheap. Langda’s launch can be found in the garage of cow’s milk tea. Do not forget to test.

The first launches of the day will be signaled by the sound of sirens from distant places. Many passengers on this launch left from Baghaichhari. Mostly local The main medium of communication of Rangamati with Baghaichhari, Maini and Longadu regions is that this double-laden launch of Pakistan-built timber.

They have to take their place on the launch’s roof. After a break, the launch started in Rangamati route. In the beginning of the spring to catch the small fish of the lake, the birds flock here. The cranes, the white box, the walks of the pancakes, covers the entire lake.

The water of the lake is quite transparent in the blue shade of the sky. Launching around with deep water. Journey to Rangamang Rangamati hill.

Rangrang means the word Dhanesh birds. There was a time when Dhanesh was roaming in the hills surrounding Kaptai Lake. They are still occasionally seen in the deep hills.
It takes about three hours to launch from Langdoo to Rangrang in the launch. Landscape arranged in nature on the whole trip, Kattli bills arranged on disparate small islands and expansive waterways.

Water borders around the Kattli bill market, five-minute break in market hours. Being a weekly market, people from far-off countries have brought in their boat by boat loads of their own produce. Shutki Pali on one side of the island’s small market.

Buy hot Zilpi from Kattli Bazar and start the journey again to eat.

Launches in Rangrang hills, fishermen have been fishermen competing in small fishing boats. Under the blue sky, the small boats in the deep lakes seem quite strange. Smaller islands, no locality is seen anywhere. Sometimes only the isolated settlements.

On the way to Rangrang, the Kaptai Lake is moving ahead gradually after the blue wave. At noon, anchor launch at Shuvalong Bazar.

Rangamati Rangaranga hill stands on the side of the Shuvalong market. Many people know it as T & T hill. I started walking without moving late in the Shuvalong Ghat towards the top of the hill. The path does not end there. On the way out of the stairs, a narrow track route leads to the peak. Going on the green way to the green way, eyes will only see big trees.

You will be able to see the following scenes from the narrow side of the hillside.

Kaptai Lake is very much from Rang Rang hills. Those who see the kind of spreading and spreading Kaptai Lake like the net, they can not turn their eyes.

The small boats on the water level of the lake became smaller. Seeing in the eyes of birds.

The Shuvalong market, which is spread from the Rangranga hills, looks like a new island awakening from Kaptai Lake.

And beyond the peak of the Rangranga hills, the forest of Barkal, far beyond the forest of the long waters, will be astonished in anyone’s heart.

    Useful information: You can go from Dhaka to Rangamati directly on the bus. AC and non-AC buses of different transport organizations operate regularly. From Chittagong to the BRTC, Paharga regularly travels to Rangamati.
Rangamati can go to Rangaranga hills with the Risovoto boat.

All of the cost per person can cost around Tk 4,000. There is also a package travel arrangement. Can contact: CHT Travels 01556710043.

Keep in mind: Kaptai lake is quite deep. If you do not know good swimming, do not get in the water. The hostile natural environment in the rainy season will be alert. Do not drop plastic products in the lake’s transparent waters.

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