River of Bangladesh

Bangladesh may be a land of rivers. several rivers flowed over this country.River of Bangladesh is a number of them ar huge and a few ar little. All the rivers represent the Bay of geographic area.

The important rivers: The predominant rivers of Asian nation ar the Padma, the Megna, The jamuna, The Brahamaputra. The Dhaleswari and therefore the Karnafuli. Besides, River of Bangladesh is  several little rivers just like the the Gumti, the Tista, the Atrai, the Kortoa, Buriganga, the Sitallakya,The Mohananda, the Madhumati and plenty of others. they need tributaries in addition.

Improtance and usefulness: The rivers are of high-quality assist to us. Our agriculture relies upon on the rivers. The rivers grant water and make the land fertile by depositing silt. Thus they assist to produce paddy, jute, wheat and many different crop. The rivers additionally help our irrigation.

River of Bangladesh ,Our rivers area unit a powerful offer of wealth. The rivers abounded in fishes. Fish is Associate in Nursing necessary food of our country. several mortals earn their sustenance through catching fish within the rivers.

Our rivers are vital potential for transport too. Boats, launches, steamers ply thru them in all seasons. They raise passengers and items from one location to another. These rivers additionally assist our exchange and commerce.

Influence of river on the people: The rivers have high-quality affect on the lifestyles of people in many in many ways.

The people at large of Asian nation love the rivers, and its music. The poets have composed several beautiful poems concerning rivers. two

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