Risang Fountain in Khagrachori

Risang  Fountain in the green nature, it’s an amazing beauty. In the rainy season, its form became more spectacular. Because, monsoon makes its appearance perfect, and green is more fun to make the surroundings more interesting. The sound of the fountain is rhythmic to many. Inspired by the beauty of the fountain, poet Satyendranath Dutta wrote in his fountain poetry, ‘Jharna! Fountain! Beautiful Fountain! / Liquid Chandrika! Chandan-Varna! ‘

Risang Fountain

There are many fountains of enchanting enchantment in our hill districts. One of the best fountains of these fountains is Risang Jhorna. It is wonderful to see the fountain. Those who have watched the springs before, they will get some freshness in the fountain. In the rainy season you should go to see the real beauty of the fountain. But tourists come to see this spring throughout the year, especially in September-December. One of the characteristics of the fountain is that the water of this water falls first in the high places, and from there the slopes are moving quickly. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the fountain.

How to go

Location of Risang Fountain in Khagrachari district To enjoy the beauty of the fountain, you will have to go first to Khagrachari Sadar. Khagrachari travels from Dhaka to Hanif, Saudia, Rifat, Shyamoli and many buses everyday. Rent 520 (non-AC) When you reach Khagrachari, you will get many cars to Risang Forna. Here is an auto-borne carriage. Rent one thousand to one thousand 00 But if you are sharing with others, the rent will be lower. Most of the people who go to Khagrachharhi are mostly around the Shapla Border.

From here to Khagrachharhi you can get many cars including Chand car to go to various spectacular places. Besides, if you are few in number, if there is a good fortune, maybe you can arrange to share it with others or anyone else. However, the rent in the car of the car will be a little more. If you go to Chand’s car or auto car, then you will be able to get the vehicle down to a certain place, where you can see many motorcycles or bikes directly. There are many more ways you can go to ride them. According to the locals, to go to Risang Fountain from pucca road will go three more kilometers. But you will be able to reach Chand carriage of automobiles or auto carriages.

From there, the rent will be charged at Tk 30 to Tk 50. It may take 10 to 15 minutes to go. Traveling on a mountainous mountain bike ride can mean adding another feeling to your experience. But you can walk if you want. This may take 25 to 30 minutes. You can find a number of shops in the bikes or reach the destination. If you want, you can take tea, lemon juice, and dab from here. In front of the shops you will see some stairs, which have fallen down the hill down. To see the fountain, you have to get down to 235 stairs. At the end of the stairs, you will hear the sound of the fountain of Jharna. The fountain and the surrounding nature can fill you with joy.

Remember some things

1. Many try to descend on the slopes of the spring and slippery ground or try to rise above. It can cause various accidents.

2. Keep drinking water with you. Drink water when you are tired.

3. Do not waste the beauty of nature by passing dirt there.

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