Resources in Bangladesh

GAS Resources of Bangladesh   

Resources in Bangladesh is formed in her natural resources. Gas is one in every and each of the basic necessary belongings of this country.Gas fields of People’s Republic of Bangladesh ar positioned in sylhet, Chhatak, Rashidpur, Kailastila, Habigonj, Commilla, Begumganj and Muladi.Of these , the foremost necessary is the Titas gas field in Brahmanbaria.

The demand of gas is increasing and also the threat of gas crisis is increasing and these days it’s nearly the burning question.The defict of gas per day is eighty five to a hundred millon Cubix feet. If this deficit stay, there’ll be crisis within the production of electricity.

As a result, it’s gratuitous to mention that a good distress are going to be happen upon mills and factories, trade and commerce, economy activities and even in our daily life-style. The demand of the total country is 807 million blockish feet daily. however the availability from the seven gas fields is 730 million blockish feet daily. it’s unimaginable to fulfill the demand if the recently discovered gas fields don’t begin functionally. however it’s a matter of your time to implement the concept. plant food factories reckoning on gas don’t have any substitute.

In some heat-electricity comes dissolver, Diesel or crude will be utilized in office of gas. terribly recently one in every of our necessary gas fields at Magurchara in Srimangal has been exploded inflicting immeasurable loss of gas. it’s unfortunate that we’ve got not our own specialists to deal in a position with our gas resources.

Bangladesh Garments Industry 

Like alternative third world countries Asian nation could be a developing country. Her economic development depends first of all on Agriculture and second on business .Although Asian kingdom isn’t developed in business, it’s been enriched in Garment industries inside the latest past years.

In the field of industrialisation apparel industry could be a promising step. it’s given the chance of employment to many dismissed, specially unnumberable uneducated ladies of the country. it’s creating vital contribution within the field of our export financial gain.

History of our artefact Industry: Once the cloth of Asian nation carried out global fame. Muslim and Jamdani artefact or our country have been used because the luxurious clothes of the royal figures in Europe and choice countries. kingdom rulers in Asian state didn’t improve our artefact industries the least bit. Rather they destroyed them and overseas cloths from European nation.

Garment industries at the present Asian nation: once the emergence of Bangladesh radical modification has return to our garment sector. Garment industries started performing from the 10’s of the late century. at the present there area unit concerning 3000 garment industries within the country and seventy five % of them area unit in Dacca. the remainder area unit in city and Khulna. These Industries have utilized fifty lacks of individuals and eighty five % of them area unit illiterate rural ladies. concerning seventy six % of our export earning comes from this sector.

Reason of Development: The top reason why garment industries have start to be the champion within the discipline of export is in reality a price range labor. Labor isn’t as low cost anywhere inside the world because it is in Asian nation. female make a contribution to the running force in these garment factories, as they’re comparatively less expensive than men. A worker works here long hour’s free or affordable meals. alternatively this has now not averted heaps of female from work. it’s given them a mild economic gain, monetary independence, self-sufficiency and dignity, as a end result of they’re incomes their very own living and managing their family expenses.

Garments of Asian nation within the world-market: Over the final twelve years some the garments industries have emerged because the largest provide of earning overseas currency. regarding half of the foreign forex from the ready-made clothes is attained from EU and consequently the U.S.A. Besides, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand; Russia etc. are additionally choice clothes commercialism countries. at the present regarding twenty countries of the globe region unit importers of our clothes. Its market is being swollen inside the Mideast, Russia, Japan, Australia and lots of alternative countries.

Export financial gain of various financial years: In 1977-78 business year Asian nation exported forty thousand shirts in European nation and attained a meg U.S. dollar. At the start of the 80’s this business flourished speedily. In 1983-84 financial year the financial gain from clothes rose to six crores fifty lacs America greenback. In 1998-99 it became 420 crores U.S. dollar. By 2003-2004 the factories increased 3 times. at the same time the export has additionally raised. the number of export financial gain in 2003-2004 raised to 568 crores America greenback.Items of exportable garments: Among the clothes of Asian nation area unit shirt, pajama, jeans-pant, jacket, trouser, hats, coat, sweater, pullover, jumper, jacket, trousers, gloves, sports dress, nightie etc.

Problem behind garments: This promising business has some issues clogging its development. Asian nation imports raw materials for clothes like cotton, thread color etc. This dependence on raw materials hampers the event of clothes business. Moreover, foreign suppliers typically provide inferiority materials, that end in inferiority merchandise.

Most of the illiterate ladies staff utilized in clothes area unit unskilled so their merchandise typically become lower in quality. Insufficiency of loan in time, falteringly of electricity, delay in obtaining materials, lack of communication, drawback in taxes etc. typically hinder the business. within the world market a hundred and fifteen to a hundred and twenty things of dress area unit in demand wherever as Asian nation provides solely 10 to 12 things of clothes. India, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan etc, have created exceptional progress in clothes industries. Asian nation goes to challenge the clothes of these countries within the world market.

Garments industries typically pay dearly for political unrest, hartal and terrorist act etc. The international market has withdrawn quota advantage over clothes export type Asian nation since Dec 2005.

Bangladesh needs to advance cautiously for recuperating position of her clothes within the world market. Finally destruction of dual tower in eleven September 2001. invasion on Islamic State of Afghanistan and Irak and depression in world Economy have seriously affected the export trade of Asian nation.

Things to do: In spite of getting variety of issues, prospects of clothes industries in Asian nation along with her low-cost labour and fewer capital area unit truthful. so as to carry profitable position for clothes within the world market we must always confine mind the subsequent things.

1) production of comfortable raw materials within the country.
2) transmission coaching to create adept staff.
3) Reduction of VAT and taxes
4) Assurance of safety, regular payment and alternative facilities of the staff
5) a lot of advanced of EPZ
6) correct advantage of water homes
7) Removal of export issues etc.


Bangladash regarding ninety p.c of her population depends on agriculture entirely or part. This country isn’t sufficiently developed within the industrial sector. therefore we’ve got to rely totally on agricultural merchandise for our living

The agricultural merchandise of Bangladesh will principally be classified into 2 classes – money crops and food crops. Jute is that the main harvest of Bangladesh . By exportation jute our country earns a good quantity of exchange each year. Jute is thus, justly known as the ‘ Golden fiber’ of Bangladesh . The chief food crop of Bangladesh is rice. however the rice created here isn’t adequate enough to fulfill up the full needs for the inhabitants of the country throughout the year. Tea, our another harvest. it’s exported to foreign countries and so helps to extend our exchange.

But tho’ Bangladesh lives on agriculture however it’s not advanced within the systems of agriculture. The strategies of cultivation of the country area unit principally recent and noncurrent . Scientific strategies of cultivation don’t seem to be followed in our country.

Our farmers don’t acumen to use manure and fertiliser for the fertility of the soil. they’re additionally helpless victims of natural calamities like flood and draught. several industries of our country rely on agricultural merchandise. each men and animals rely on agriculture for foodstuff. therefore failure of crops in any year brings much sufferings to the complete population of the country.

The first issue necessary for the advance of our agricultural is to teach our peasants. Our farmers ought to be schooled the uses of recent instruments for the cultivation of their land, machines, tractors can not be employed in little plots of lands. So, cooperative farming ought to be inspired.

Every year natural calamities like folds, cyclone, periodic event waves cause a good disturbance to our crops to forestall this each the govt. and also the public ought to step up. By correct mound we are able to save our crops from flood. Plant protection department ought to actively step up against diseases and insects of our plants.

The farmers to guard their crops already use now-a-days pesticides. Dams are inbuilt some areas of the country. individuals area unit currently accustomed to chemical fertiliser and manure. currently all out efforts area unit being created for the event of agriculture in our country.

Victory Day-16 December in Bangladesh

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