Ramu Buddhist Vihara in Cox’s Bazar

Ramu Buddhist Vihara, an interesting historical visit to Paharchura in Uttar Mithachhari area of ​​Ramu upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. This monastery has a statue of a hundred feet tall Gautama Buddha statue.

Ramu Buddhist Vihara

It is believed, this is the largest Buddha in Asia. There are also a few other small and big Buddhist monasteries around this Buddhist temple.

On September 29, 2012, miscreants set fire to 20 temples including Ramu Buddhist temples. Later in 2013, the Ramu temple was reconstructed by government assistance.

However, the main culprits of the attack in Buddhist Bihar are yet to be found. As a result, the relief of local Buddhist followers did not come back completely. They are waiting for the trial of the hate crime.

Besides, the monastery is running only in the financial support of visitors. Hallo has been talking to a monk working in the Ramu temple for twelve years. His name is Chandra Bhikshu.

Regarding the Buddhist monastery, he said, “We have suffered a lot to reproduce this temple. But we do not have any own secretary here yet, there is no committee. The people donate charity and donate them. And we ourselves eat out of Raida. It is not ours, it is our pursuit. ‘

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