Ramna Park in Bangladesh

Ramna Park has been ranked as the ‘lungs’ of Megasti Dhaka. It is a traditional park with rich grass, grasshoppers, small and medium trees, rich in seasonal flowers. Here are the rare species of rare trees, as well as the untimely bird’s Calcutta’s chance to find peace. In this capital city, about 1.5 million people live.

Ramna Park

According to the people, the rate at which the people are going to be the capital, the population of Dhaka city can exceed two crore in the next few years. Although the density of the population is very high, there is no excitement in the capital anywhere in the capital. Somewhere there is nothing but a little clean air.

So Ramna Park has been ranked as one of the entertainment centers in the capital Dhaka and free space. In any case, the general public’s retirement area is not wasted and the proper environment is kept in mind that the environmentalists protest. Their word, however, is to protect Ramna Park. Because most of the grounds and parks in the city have been occupied already. The common man’s wandering and body-to-work space has been narrowed down.

Therefore, Ramna Park will remain a unique example of the country. There are allegations, due to various events organized in the park, except Ramna Batam, its biodiversity is harmed. Continuous construction of many green forests are destroying. Instead of flower and aesthetic trees, the spread of forest and fruit trees is increasing; Which hamper the beauty, utility and tradition of the park.

However, all open spaces and trees are being planted in a planned manner. Various aquatic flowers, including national flowers, are decorating the lake. The Ramna Lake is decorating with aquatic flowers and maintains a lot of heritage and its biodiversity. Apart from this, hundreds of trees and traditional trees of the park are well maintained.

According to sources, natural environment is being saved in the traditional traditional aesthetic and flowering plants in Ramna Park. Ramna becoming more attractive as the park. According to sources, under pressure of the city’s environment pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and population Dhaka is now one of the most inexpensive cities in the world. It is difficult to find clean air in this brick-stone town. Environmentalists named Ramna Park as the capital’s lungs.

Historical Park: Ramna Park is not just Dhaka, but a traditional park of Bangladesh. It is currently under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works. The current size of the park is 68.5 acres. The lake’s size is 8.73 acres. After the establishment of the Mughal rule in Dhaka in 1610, the Mughals of the garden made the garden. Then its name was Bag-e-Badshahi.

From today’s Eskaton to Nilkhet, the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, the secretariat was around the whole area around Ramna Park. In the company of the company, RaceCor was established in the southern part of Ramna, Magistrate of Charles Dos. At one stage, the capital of Murshidabad was transferred from Dhaka to Dhaka, then the Ramna area became very woody.

In the Mughal period, the Ramna Udana lost its beauty with the fall of the Mughal empire. In the colonial era (1825), English collector of Dhaka Mr. Das Dhaka took steps to improve the city and cleaned the jungle of Ramna with prison prisoners and made an oval part. The cleaned part is surrounded by wooden railings, Race Course. During the British period, a park was built around the northwest of this racecourse and planted around it.

Ramna’s nobility came back to the center of this racecourse. In the 1840s, wealthy people started making gardens in this area. Later, Nawab Abdul Ghani bought the house of retired judge John Francis Griffith from these gardens. The area has been named as better by the name of Shahbagh. After the partition of 1905, the Mughal Ramna became three parts.

Shahbagh area is owned by Nawabs On the north side Minto Road is the residential station of the government station as civil station. Ramna area in between the middle of the racecourse and the present Ramna Udyan. In the racecourse, the races were closed by the law of Pakistan. The present Suhrawardy Udyan was once known as Racecourse Maidan. From 1610 to 1824, its name was Bag-E-Badshahi or Badshahi Garden.

This place was famous for the horse race in 1925. So its name is Racecourse Maidan. It was named as Suhrawardy Udyan in 1971. In 1996, Shikha Sharifan was established with respect to the memory of the martyrs of the great liberation war. In 1999, the construction of the Independence Memorial Museum in Suhrawardy Udyan started, which ended in 2015.

Editor of Bangladesh Environment Bachaoo Movement (BAPA) Abdul Matin said daily, ‘Ramna Park is a unique park in Dhaka city. Architect Iqbal Habib said, “In the initiative of the Public Works Ministry formed a committee consisting of civil society and experts and in the light of the recommendation of the committee to develop a master plan, protect Ramna Park and its heritage. It is possible to hold on.

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