Ragamati Resort & Picnic Spots in Gazipur

Ragamati Resort & Picnic Spots  ,Gazipur’s day-day resort is increasing. Due to the increase in tourists’ crowds, people are more risky towards Gazipur’s resorts. Similarly, the name of a resort is Rangamati. Many people may feel that it is Rangamati district of the mountainous region.

Ragamati Resort & Picnic Spots 

In fact, this Rangamati is not Rangamati, it is the name of a private resident of Kaliakoir of Gazipur near Dhaka. Although Rangamati is named, it does not have mountain ranges like Rangamati. Here natural beauty will fill the eyes of tourists in the fascination. There are nature-entertaining arrangements here.

Rangamati Resort has been built around a huge area inside the Bhawal Shalban in the Sinayat area of ​​Kaliakoir. There are large flower gardens on 60 bighas of land. There are 7 cottages, a swimming pool and a lake. There are also children’s 3-D entertainment arrangements. There is a conference room and meal hotel.

Rangamati Resort has been formed in different species of fruits, herbs and forest trees. Inside there is a lake. There is a wood-bamboo hanging sanko in this lake, which attracts visitors. There is also a swimming pool. These events will fill the mind of the visitor.

Rent: The room of Cottage is available for 24 hours, from 7 to 12 thousand taka. Picnic or various programs cost Tk 80 thousand to 1 million.

How to go: The resort is quite familiar. If you reach the Bagherbazar area of ​​Gazipur, you can easily come here. The Dhaka-Mymensingh highway will have to come to Bagher Bazar on its own transport or passenger bus. The resort is located here.

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