Rabindranath’s father-in-law House in Khulna

Rabindranath’s father-in-law House’ Traveling people whose addiction, they will go out once in the life of Rabindranath Tagore’s original house and in-laws’ house-in-house Wherever you go, history will be with you. Many unknown things about this bright star of Bengali literature can be found.


Original kinship of Nobel laureate Amar Kabir is spreading in Khulna district. Rabindranath’s father-in-law, Khulna’s Southdehi Here you will see, the fable of Bangla literature, the busted sculpture of poet Rabindranath Tagore, the busted sculpture of the poet, the two-storied building of the in-laws house.

There are also green-green dense gardens, drinks and nurseries. In some cases, 25 boishakhs can be carried out in South Dighi.

On the occasion of 155th birth anniversary of Kabir, various programs were arranged in Pithavoga of South Dhi and Rupsa upazila of Phultala upazila of Khulna. Anybody can visit Rabindranath’s memory on the three-day spectacular festival, Khulna’s South Dhiyah and Pithabhog. Because in this village there is the father of Rabindranath Tagore’s father in law. Kaviguru Purusha’s residence

These two places have already been arranged in the new form to mark the occasion of Milan Mela and the occasion of poet lovers.

How to go southdehi: Rabindranath married at the age of 22 years with the daughter of Benidhad Roy Chowdhury of village Dakdadhihihi Bhabratini alias Mrinalini Devi. South-Dhiyah village is situated three kilometers north-west from 19 kilometers north-west of Fultala upazila headquarters in the Khulna metropolitan area. A two-storeyed building with the memory of Rabindra-Mrinalini standing in the middle of the village stands tall. This is Rabindranath Tagore’s in-law’s father-in-law

Rakhindranath Tagore memories of the World Bank Sundiya-Shanti village, Southern Digha, is full of flowers, fruits and diverse vegetation. South Dinh’s relationship with the famous Tagore family of Jodhashanko in Kolkata is intensified. Rabindranath Tagore’s mother Sarada Sundari Devi and Kaki Tripura Sundari Devi were born in this village. And Rabindranath’s wife Mrinalini Devi is also a daughter of DakshDihir. His other name is Bhabatani. After marriage, the name was named Mrinalini Devi.

In his youth, the poet visited several times with his mother at Mamdabari of South Dhihi village. Here the bust sculptures of poet and poet have been established. 25 Baishakh and 22 auditions are organized here on the occasion of the birth of Jubilee and Poetry Day of Rabindra.

Pithavogha: The village of Rupsa in Khulna district stands on the bank of an ancient village. The name was his cousin, the ancient city of Rabindranath Tagore was the Adishnibus of this village. A pithavog village in Rupsa upazila, about 13 kilometers east of khulna metropolis.

In the experimental study of Khagna Regional Meteorological Theory, the foundations of the founder of Rabindranath’s Paternal Male found in Pithavog village. Here a bust sculpture of the Kabbigur has been established. Rabindra’s birth anniversary is celebrated every year here. Pithavogh village can be easily reached from Khulna city.

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