Prokreti Nibash in Sylhet

 Prokreti Nibash ‘Nature residence …’ On the way to Japhlong from Sylhet to the tourism center, the call is called simple. If you respond to this call with a few words to the tourists, then the companion-partner nature-such a voyage will be remembered for a long time. A leisure center or resort built on the natural beauty of Sylhet. The name of the sky

 Prokreti Nibash

Khadim National Park of Sylhet Shuktara’s location at the top of the hill in the area. This resort is located on 14 acres of land. Shuktar’s architecture and construction style are such that it has not touched the nature.

Welcome green elevation
First of all, Subhaj welcomes a hill in the tea garden. The gate of the resort at one side below the hill. The only way to reach the top of the hill. On one side is the Toy Train Line If you get up to 50 feet from the plane, take a look at the small house, the cottage look, with the original nature. 11 cottages in the resort. Air conditioning and 24-hour hot water are also available in the cottage. You can create fresh and fresh tea-coffee in the garden itself.

Cottage residents enjoy the wonderful views of the hills and balcony from the windows and the balcony. Even if it is near nature, it will not be isolated from the outside world. The library has country-wide books and newspapers and big screen televisions. Meeting-seminar-workshop and party arrangements are arranged at the top of the hill.

Companion-mate nature
The whole hill of green is full of green. Fruit trees Flower-leaf-leaf garden in the gap. Two parts of the hill top of Tyler. In the first reception. Remembrance of the tradition of Sylhet tradition reminds me of the tea-populace people including Manipuri. The library at the side of the restaurant of the food restaurant. Sylhet history, heritage, books of culture can be read. Cotajes by the name of Naynatara, Varun, Shirish, Dolanachampa, Madhavi Lata, Kamini, Jasmine, Karbi, Shimul and Hijal. The table-chair from the bedroom to the table is all the traditional cane-made furniture of Sylhet. Photographed is reserved.

The facility will be extended to the visitors’ consultants, said project manager Engineer Sajeeb Dutt. All except for electricity and air conditioning, the nature is dependent. Solar power supply system has also been kept.

Mayonnaise …
It has been arranged to sit on the roof of a cottage on the top of Tyler. Its name is Sanjha Maya. Meghalaya rails in the north and beyond the boundaries of the northern border of the country, the hillside hill top One of the founders of Shuktara, architect Zerin Hossain said, “It is a motivation for survival and keeping one’s partner alive while keeping the nature alive.” Recalling the poet Sufia Kamal, she said, “I am also surprised. Whether it is night or day, any time it is time to spend time with purpura, I feel like I am in another world. ‘
Walk around elsewhere
There are guides in the resort for the tourists coming to Shukatara, who will be able to turn the other tea gardens of Sylhet, Jaintapur Rajbari, Lalakhal, Rarya River, Jaflong, Piyan River, Tamabil-Dauki border, Madhavkunda-JalpaPat and other places.

How to go
The location of the resort next to Sylhet-Tamabil highway, seven kilometers from Sylhet city. It will take 40 minutes to reach the 20-kilometer distance from Sylhet Osmani International Airport. It will take 25 to 30 minutes to go from the Sylhet railway station or bus station to drive or auto-rickshaw.

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