Parki Beach in Chittagong

Parki Beach is a beautiful sea beach near the city of Chittagong. Thousands of shops and shops of Pataanga Samudra beach do not want to be seen or those who want to spend a relaxing evening on a beach can be able to leave.

Parki Beach

25 km from Chittagong: On the Paraki beach of Durai Anwara upazila, there are rows of jhuna tree. The room is not so big, but beautiful. There are some food shops and toilets arranged. But the night stay is not built anymore. The biggest attraction here is sitting under the jow-pit: Exhibit the ships standing in the anchor.

How to go: There are many ways to go to Parikot. Chattagram go to the ferry gate from boat to Sadarghat. Rent will be 8 taka. A CNG straight from there is known as Parki Beach (locality known as Purki Char). Take Tk 200-250 for payment.

Or go to the 15-hour passage on the bus which runs on the bus. Take CNG by paying 8 rupees and take Tk. 50.

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