Oxford Mission churches in Barisal

Oxford Mission churches One of the elite and beautiful churches in the country is the Epiphany Church in Barisal or the Oxford Mission. It is not only beautiful but also the second largest church (height) in the continent of Asia and one of the most archaeological heritage of the country (about 113 years old).

Oxford Mission churches

Ekatla church but height is equal to five-storey building; About 50 feet According to Sister Edith’s sketches and designs, Father Strouge finalizes the design and design of the church. Frederick Douglas (British) was the chief engineer of this structure.

The main attraction of this church, originally built in Greek architecture, is the great and aesthetic prayer. The inner roof of the prayer hall is covered with wood, and lovely marble tiles on the floor. There is a large cross on the original altar. Such architectural features are not seen in the church.

This church stands on top of 40 archways. The Church is located in the threshold of 35 small, large ponds, primary and secondary schools, residential students hostels, fathers and sisters’ houses, libraries and hospitals surrounded by 35 acres of land.

The church rises in Asia’s biggest hour (church bell) seven times a day. The small office of the church below the lovely bell tower (tower).

The first phase of the church was completed in 1903, and on 26 January the devotees inaugurated it. The second step was continued till 1907. The hundred-year-old Church, built by red bricks, is beautiful and beautiful in terms of excellent maintenance. There are insufficient access issues for security reasons.

How to go: Dhaka Sadarghat launches Barisal Launch terminal at Barisal Launch terminal auto or rickshawola will go to the Oxford mission. Then you can take it.

However, due to security reasons, there is an entrance complexity. So if someone you do not know or have access to it, there may be a little problem in entering.

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