Nijhum Island in Bangladesh

Who does not like to turn around. And if it is the Nijhum Island, then there is no word. When you heard the name of the Nijhum Island, the heart of the heart is so scary. Because the Nijhum Island is a very pleasant place for tourists.

Nijhum Island

Nijhum Island
A small piece of land awakened in the southwest of Hatiya upazila of Noakhali.

Ballala Char, Kamalar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri, the island got woken up in the early 1950s, with the combination of four main islands and several small chars. Its area is about 14,050 acres. The local fishermen first discovered the island. They named it Baluya Char, which was later converted to Bala Chara.san

But some say that the old name of the island is Char Osman. A man named Osman first started living on this island with a buffalo group. Since the island is completely silent, it is named as Nijhum Island.

How to go
By road: Asia Line, Asia Classic, Ekushey Express and Himachal Express buses from Mohakhali, Kamlapur and Sayedabad of Dhaka are still in Sonpur of Noakhali. Rent 350-450 taka From there, Chairman Ghat in CNG. Rent 100 Taka Then you will have to ride on the trawl Nalchira Ghat. Rent 150 taka From there the ship market market again. Rent 70 Taka Motorcarail Mukatara Ghat from Shajajara Bazar. Rent 70 Taka Nijhum Island ghat in the engine boat from Mukhtar Ghat. Rent 10 taka From there you have to go on motorcycle to Namar Bazar (Nijhum Island). Rent 60 Taka But the evolution of time may vary in the rent. So, at the beginning of the journey, know the rental from the transportation attendants and take the ride.

Naval bypass: Everyday, from Panorama and Tipu-5, from Dhaka’s Sadarghat, for the launch of the launch tool at 6 pm. Rent Deck 200, Single Cabin 700, Double Cabin 1200 and VIP 1600 Taka. If the launch is timely and if the weather is right, the launch of Dhaka-bound launch will reach Hatiya Launchghat within 10am the next day.
Communication of Panama Launch: 01740951720. Besides, a ship from Chittagong, Sadarghat of Chittagong, also left a ship from Chittagong for a certain day of the week.

Where to stay
Vacation tourism has been built to stay at Nijhum Island, Nijhum Resort and Nazar Bazar Masjid Authority has built mosque boarding.

Nijhum Resort: This resort has 9 double and triple bed rooms and 3 dormitories, with a total of 22 beds. There are more than 60 people living together at the full-fledged resorts. The Nizam Resort Authority has its own generator system for full power consumption.

Resort room rent: 2 beds (1 bathroom) Deluxe room rent for 1 thousand Families of 6 beds (one four bed room and one bedroom 2 bed room and 2 bathroom) will be charged Tk. 2 thousand. 12 bed dormitories (3 bathrooms) rent 2400 and 5 bed dormitories (2 bathrooms) rent 1200 taka. If there is an additional person in the room, then it will count towards 100 rupees.

To book a quiet resort
Communication in Dhaka: Vacation Tourism Limited, Alhaj Shamsuddin Mansion (9th Floor), 17 New Eskaton Road, Dhaka. Phone: 8358485, 934351, 935930, 01552372269
Communication at Nizam Resort: Incharge, Nijhum Resort, Hatiya, Noakhali. Phone: 01724-145864

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