National Zoo in Dhaka

National Zoo Do not move from the island of Babla. Surprised? Do you thinking about the location of Babla Island? No, there is no disturbance of the journey, nor the fear of drowning in the sea. The waters of the vast Indus will not cross. A small island located inside the Dhaka Zoo in Babla Island. A lot of everyday life is surrounded by a wonderful arrangement of heart entertainment. The zoo located in Mirpur of Dhaka is one of only those. Let’s take a tour of the Barala Island, visit to the Zoo Zoo.

National Zoo

Elephant rides on zoos

The Dhaka Zoo is located in Mirpur, a beautiful scenic environment about 16 km away from the center of capital Dhaka. In the fifties, the zoo started on the Dhaka High Court premises with limited variety of wildlife including Chitra deer, monkeys. In 1960, a project was taken to set up a Zoo in Mirpur area. After the creation of animal habitat and necessary infrastructures, after the transfer of wildlife from the adjoining zoo and country and abroad, the current zoo was opened for the public on June 23, 1974. Public awareness, rare and extinct wild animal collection and reproduction, preservation of animal diversity, education, research and mass awareness on this issue is one of the main objectives of establishing Dhaka Zoo.

Bengal Tiger is the main attraction of Dhaka Zoo. In addition to various types of foreign animals and zoos in the zoo, there are hundreds of species of birds. There are sophisticated lake, giant pelican birds on the lake. The Bengal Tiger and Lion in the natural environment is seen beside him. Among the birds, flamingo, colorful phygint, extinct peas, black vulture and sankh chil.

At a glance

Year 1961
Public openings
23 June 1974
Total amount of land
214 acres
The amount of land used
187 acres
Animal house
Animal museum
Weekly holiday
(April-September) 7am – 6pm, (October – March) 7am – 5pm
Ju Guide
24 taka
Entry price
10 Taka (As of July 29, 2005)
The monkey’s cage is seen in the entrance. Seeing the monkey monkeys of small and large large monkeys, the time has passed, they can not be found. Gravya Aaviyar will be in front of the front The long legs and the bending lip Fleminggo can be found here. There are also more birds like kanibaka, pakauri and fishfish. The national animal of the Royal Bengal Tiger (Royal term given to the British) will be seen before with the Indian lion. Tiger and bear cage before lion’s cage. There is a swift animal like Cheeta. This is the middle of the zoo. In the north there is north lake, beside its natural environment, the Sundarbans tiger, beside the lion. Hippo in artificial water.

A part of the visitors to the zoo

Horse-shaped water bowls, zebra and some other animals are spread throughout the length of the zoo in the north-south of the zoo. There is also the abolished Nilgai from this country. The animal museum has 240 animals and animals which are stuffed. It is in the south, south of Lake and its Barla Island. A horned pair of Kenya is next to it. He lost his partner, now he’s lonely. The furious air of the bobla dip does not dive at all. Chimpanzee can be seen here. This chimpanzee is the center of attraction for women’s children. It’s time to choose the strong grizzle and the lice of the partner’s head.

Zoo has many poultry birds, Love birds, Muniya, ostrich, Keshwari etc. On the way out, Chitral deer in the nature of the Sundarbans. Let’s go for a little bit of life in the busy life of the city, from the zoo. Take your little children with you. Do not spend time in nature, they have a day.

References: Dhaka Zoo Guide, Department of Livestock, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh Government.

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