Myanumpala or Hatimatha mountain in Khagrachori

Myanumpala or Hatimatha mountain in Khagrachori ,The stairs of the heaven have climbed straight upwards. The stairs are not seen in the slopes of mountains and forests. Upstairs in heaven, the stairs have ended.

Myanumpala or Hatimatha mountain

Many times I have seen pictures of dangerous roads or strange streets outside the country. This road is my first acquaintance from Farid Sohail’s picture.

It is not very difficult to see the road bent in the forest, but it looks terrible. It will be a little careful. The local name of the road is Myanumpala or Hatimatha mountain stairs. Although not going to heaven, these stairs will take you to the beautiful hill village on the top of the hill. The indigenous villages are said to be laid. There is a neighborhood in the small one here.

Finding the Path
Khagrachari goes straight from any part of the country. Take auto here. Will go to Jamitla bahor or passenger camp Then, from the local people, know the way to the river Chenggi. You will have to walk a little bit more this time and walk for two more hours. Buy water and light food across the river. Because there is no other shop on the inside. Then the stairs will meet at one time. If you are going to the right direction, ask the local people again and again to make sure. If you have a picture on the mobile, then it will be very easy.

Place of stay
There will be a phere available on the stairs, but tourists are still not there. You can talk to the locals. Besides, there are good quality hotels in Khagrachari town.

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