Muppouchra waterfalls in Rangamati

Muppouchra waterfalls

Most of the time in the week is filled with rain and storm today. Although according to the Bengali calendar, the monsoon is still quite late, but someone may have forgotten to say it in the rainy season. Barsha decided to come out a little earlier.

Muppouchra waterfalls

Most of the fountains of our country became full of liveliness in the rainy season. The best time to visit these fountains is to go. Muppouchra waterfalls are such an interesting sprawl that you can visit in this rainy season.

Where: Moppochara Jharnati is situated at the place named Bangalakata of Bailichari upazila of Rangamati district.

How to go : You have to go before Dhaka in Kaptai Upazila. There you can rent a trawler from Launchghat and go for 2 hours 30 minutes. Bilaiichari. There can be two types of baitai and stick from Kaptai Sadar. Rescue the trawler or in the local trawler. If you want to reserve the trawler, you will be able to rent between 1000-1500, certainly negotiate. Again, if you go to the local trawler, it will cost 55 rupees each. Local trawlers leave the first one from Kaptai-Ghat at 8.30 am. Then leave it after 1 hour. This way you can go to Bilaihchari.

From the hospital ghat of bilaihhari to reserve trolley again to bangalakata. Rent 600-800 taka It takes 30 to 40 minutes to go. You have to fix your guide while coming to bangalakata. Guide fee is 300-500 taka. After the trekking of around two-and-three hours, Moppachara Jhorna. You can not find anything in this food shop. So take it with dry food.

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