Most Popular food in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a tropical country. Its land, its climate and the heavy rainfall are appropriate for the boom of a number types a range of kinds of fruits. Many types of fruits develop in specific seasons all over the country.

Kinds and sizes: Bangladesh grows a great deal of ordinary fruits all the season fruits square measure of special sorts, colors, sizes and style. Some square measure huge and a few square measure little. Some style sweet and a few bitter.

Mango: Mango is the king of fruite in Bangladesh. There are many types of mangoes. They are Langra, Fazli, gopalbhog, mohonbhog etc. mango grows in masses in Rajshahi, Dinajpur and Bogra.

Jackfruits : It is the most important fruit in our country. it’s delicious and sweet. It grows principally in urban center, Sylhet and within the highland of Dhaka, Narsingdi and maymensingh. it’s our nationwide fruit.

The banana: Banana is another popular fruit. It grows in all places in our usa all the yr round. It is sweet and beautiful, champa, sabri, amritsagar and so forth are well-known bananas.

The Coconut: It is a frequent fruit in Bangladesh. It grows everywhere but in lots in Khulna, Barisal and Patuakhali. Its water is a candy drink. It’s kernel is a tasty food.


Orange, papaw, palm: The orange is juicy and tasteful fruit. It is precise for liver. The palm is also a conventional proper fruit. The papaw is alsoa desirable fruit.

Other fruit: There ar many alternative in Bangladesh. The pineapple could be a properly fruit of wet season. it’s choked with candy juice . The lichee is another tiny and candy fruit. Among completely different fruit black berries dates, melons, guava wood-apples and plums ar bitter fruits.

Sour fruits: There are some fruits that laste sour. The tarmarind, the kamranga and the lemon are bitter fruits.

Fruits are useful in many ways. Fruits meet up our needs for distinct vitamins. Many families in Bangladesh earn a lot by way of developing and promoting specific types of fruits. And That fruits are properly food our health.


Cha-freshly-grown tea from the Sylhet tea gardens provide the most historic drink in the world. Traditionally served as a steaming hot milky candy drink handy everywhere, tea is additionally served as a mild liquor or with lime, Iced tea is additionally a coolly fresh drink for hot summer time days. Lassi- plain yoghurt blended with milk, sugar and ice affords every other cool clean drink.

Daber pani (Coconut water) – a barely sweet water extracted from within the outlet of the inexperienced coconut fruit could be a special drink, safe and at an equivalent time tasty and refreshing. complete soft drinks cherish cola, coca-cola, fanta, 7-up, mirinda, sun-crest, uro-cola, virgin and spiritual being area unit accessible in massive hotels and selected restaurants with authorized bars


Misti Doi- sugary yoghourt, Halua – a typical sweet starting from egg halua to carrot, sooji or wheat cream, almond, pistachio, nutty so on. Sandesh – a milk based mostly wholly sweet, one amongst the high-quality offered, Zorda- sugary saffron rice with nutty. Firni – standard rice flour sauteed in milk, sugar and seasoning. Rasgolla and Kalogam – 2 celebrated milk based muffins and created with sugar, flour and clarified butter. Rosmalai – swish sweets in thick , milk, pitha – a typical term for native rice-based cakes or pastries (steamed of cooked or coocked in milk) consisting of specific varieties similar to chitoi, dhupi, takti, andsha, puli, bhapa, pua and bibi khana.

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