Moheshkhali Island in Bangladesh

Moheshkhali Island , the isolated island of Cox’s Bazar, is being built as the country’s first ‘Digital Island’. Tomorrow, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the project through video conferences.

Moheshkhali Island
The use of high-speed Internet and IT-related solutions for the digital island project is ensured. The government is implementing the project to improve the living standard of 300,000 inhabitants of Maheshkhali Island, about 362.18 square kilometers.

Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner said. Ali Hossain said in the first light, Maheshkhali upazila has already been declared ‘Digital Island’ from the Department of Information Technology (ICT). The Government of Bangladesh and the International Migration Organization (IOM) are jointly implementing the project with the technical assistance of Korean Telecom (KT) organization.

The work of about 22 crores 35 thousand 81 thousand taka will be completed by June 30, 2018. If the project is implemented, the livelihood of the poor people on the island will be greatly improved. Societal discrimination will be reduced. By improving the standard of living, the unauthorized immigration of the people of the island will be reduced due to the district administration.

On Monday morning, Maheshkhali Model Government Primary School found that high-power internet connection was drawn there. This school has been started under Maheshkhali municipality and 25 organizations of Chhamemeshkhali and Baramheshkhali unions of the upazila.

IOM project officer Rezaul Al Masum said in the first light that recently, a 19 kilometer optical fiber line was drawn in a municipality and two unions in the upazila. Already 12 primary schools, two madrassas, four health centers and community clinics, four government offices have been connected to these 25 buildings.

The IOM says, considering the geographical location, infrastructure and lack of human resources and unregulated immigration, Moheshkhali has been selected to implement the ‘Digital Island’ project.

According to the District Administration Office, a tripartite agreement has been signed between Korea Telecom, IOM and Bangladesh government in February 2010. Korea Telecom has already implemented another similar project called ‘Giga Island’ in Korea.

Through this project, initially 30% of the total population of Maheshkhali will get high speed internet and technology benefits. Access to their education, public health, information and knowledge will increase. Initiative programs will be started in primary schools and students will be created MIS database, e-commerce facility for farmers, teachers of IT, doctors, nurses, health workers and training to make government officials skilled.

Maheshkhali Municipality mayor Maksud Mia said that on April 27 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the country’s first ‘Digital Island-Maheshkhali’ project.

Pirates of the Bay of Bengal, the activities of armed terrorists in the mountains are a routine thing. This project will be useful to get information on these issues, police say. Maheshkhali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Prodip Kumar Das said, once thousands of people were smuggled through the coast of Maheshkhali, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. If the ‘Digital Island’ project is implemented, such unregulated immigration will be prevented.

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