Meghmati Village Resort in Mymensingh

Meghmati Village Resort in Mymensingh ‘s Velukaya to spend some time with busy mechanical life. If you go to this place, you will find the name of the person’s selfishness. The resort offers a wide variety of resorts.

Meghmati Village Resort

Cloud is on the ground with excellent quality swimming pool with a double-decker villa. There are many floors hanging on the trees here. There are also several modern quality cottages on the water. There is also a huge ground wrapped in greenery, a variety of fruit gardens around the ground.

For the family vacation, the Meghta has a special package called ‘Family Day Out’. Traveling from Dhaka to the resort, morning and afternoon meal, afternoon nights including afternoon and evening, living in the rural environment of 6 people, from 6am to 6pm. Contact 01613555953, 01911771155.

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