Marmaid Echo Resort in Cox’s Bazar

Marmaid Echo Resort  Much like the entrance to the village home Bamboo and cane Alishan is not the iron gate, this gate of bamboo up to the waist. You will take a two-step walk, sincere service.

Marmaid Echo Resort

The touch of heart A drab, a drink, as a drink, decorated with red-yellow floral spots in the woods. As well as the bouquet of wild flowers, hearty congratulations to you. I am congratulating this reception from the Marmaid Echo Resort in Cox’s Bazar. After reaching the reception gate, we entered the heavenly place, not so beautiful.

But before knowing this, for the sincere reception we will have to travel on the way. Whether we start from Dhaka or any part of the country, the first destination is Cox’s Bazar. From there, the 20-kilometer sea route is the oyun island. On the side of the reju khal river. Marmaid Echo Resort on the side of this river. A Meridian Resort in Aesthetic is an exceptional example of eco-tourism. Mercury Resort Mercenary is the favorite of the number of times this is our entrance. Before entering the set of rooms, the eyes will be seen in a full-fledged resort.

The roof houses of the houses here have been made with bamboo and chin so as not to exceed the height of the plants. The soil and wood color have been used in all areas, in conjunction with the surrounding landscape. Worthlessly growing wild animals like this resort will be the treasure of love. There are many ideas about how they can grow in normal rules.

The windows and doors of Bengal’s large, incoming guests can enjoy the natural beauty, like a sunny wind or rain. Instead of lighting the eyes in the night, the light of wax was kept burning in the chest. The local temple, fish market and other local culture are found beside the resort. There is no sophistication, there is a low level of environment and security. There are trained trained staff, whose sincere use will impress everyone.

The house, like a hut from outside, looks like a hut. But go inside and understand how sincerity, and modernity is waiting for you. All modern facilities are stored in the house. The mind becomes well in front of the bath. Shampoo made from plastic bottles made from glass bottles instead of shampoo in glass bottle. Again it is covered with green leafy leaves. Two legged flowers on both sides. Soap, shampoo has been kept in a long coconut shell.

In the Marmaid Echo Resort, harmful substances for the environment have been used as little as possible. All the bungalows have been built keeping the natural environment of the oyster island. Yoga Center, Spa, Boat Tour, Conference Room, Theater is all arranged in this environment-friendly leisure center. Architect Ziauddin Khan, originally designed by Marmaid Resort.

If you walk through the rows of Bengal and coconut trees, then the side of the reju canal. You see, the blue color started to catch the color of the sea reju khalera barely in the water. Bari sampan will pass through the side. You will not miss the chance to sit down while sitting in the boat club. Silence Solitude Will always be surrounded by the individual. In the morning meal you will find hospitality touch here.

Do not keep the pocket for hand. All morning meals will be served from Marmaid. Lunch and dinner will be bought by themselves. You can also find these foods as being environmentally friendly. Somebody in the whistle kept by pressing a bowl might have a little penny. At the next, maybe a little mint leaf on the flame of the suyoli flower. Seeing the eyes are in peace. The food will be according to your choice, after the order they are placed on the stove. With that, breakfast can be eaten at breakfast or fruit juice when you order it.

Ready to go
This Eco Resort has several cottages. The rent of each hut is the same. You have to book before leaving. Cottage rent 3,500 to 6,000 Cox’s Bazar can run CNG-run auto-rickshaw from the quill with the oyster island. There this is the kingdom of heaven.

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