Maloneychara Tea Garden in Sylhet

Maloneychara: The boundary of the greenery
We can go to some of the leisurely life of our great life in the old tea garden of Maliichara. In the year 1854, the garden of Mannichara tea started from Sylhet city on the north side of the airport road. In the one and a half century, many Englishmen, Pakistani and Bangladeshi managers of Mannichara were registered under the ownership of industrialist Ragib Ali in 1988.

Maloneychara Tea Garden

About 2.5 thousand acres of earthquake boundaries, surrounded by the high-low green tila, is surrounded by the garden of Malaniichara. One hundred thousand acres of land for tea cultivation, seven hundred acres of land for rubber plantation, and the rest of the land, including factories, housing, tree, and forestry. Traveling with a trousers, ‘Come, let’s meet friends with my green shade, I rejoice together.

Green teal gardens on the arrival of the mechkanyan: Meghalaya brings mehbatas away from the guest Meghukanya. Then in the sky of the tea garden sky cloud Once upon a time the cloudy rain falls on the soft tender tea leaves. Changes the color of tea leaves in the rain. Two leaves are suitable time to make a bud during the rainy season. That means tea season from March to December.

Tea planking is not done in the months of January and February. Because in the winter cold buds do not grow in excess cold. All the leaves of tea trees are not but tea. Only two leaves and a bud are the main sources of tea. Flavors come from two leaves and comes from lickers. Tea garden means that the shadow mixing fair in the horizontal greens. Fearless passengers, you will be steadfastly looking forward to a transparent fountain on the side of the tea garden. Bhutan swelling of small tilas will be lost in mind, unimaginable joy.

Suddenly you will be surprised when the water of the water will be touched by the presence of sweet soya algae. Sometimes you can realize deep forest in the light shadow of the hidden hiding game. There are orange gardens, jackfruit gardens, superi gardens in Malinichara. See also Gul pepper gourd trees, tang fruits, oats, sandalwood, and many medicinal plants. You can roam at high low level. It can be seen in the green tiara or lavish dance of shalik. The Shiva temple is on the top floor. Get acquainted with Manichhra Rabour project. You can also see a real picture of how the tape process is processed and the rubber is produced. The company bungalows have several species of trees. Bungalow-filled country-foreign flowers and rare species cactus You will be fascinated by the paradise flower.

The touch of the elderly: ‘Bahnichara Chabagan’ is part of history. You can find that the history of the mahatra history is the backbone touch of many centuries. Some of the historical patterns in the history of Maninichara are still tidy.

Jatkona Hills (where the water is falling from the roots of the trees, the water is falling on the sandy bottom of the hill), the Abadani hills, the Harung Hurung Guha (defeated by Hazrat Shahjalal (R :), King Gaur Gobinda fled with two caves built in this mountain. Standing by the witnesses of time.)

The tea garden of the war of liberation is in Malinyachara. Shawkat Shahnayaj was in charge of tea garden in 1971. Pak army took him away from office during the liberation war. He was martyred in the neighboring areas of Bengal. A monument has been built to save his memory.

Life of tea workers: Tea gardens of the morning are silent; Silent quarters, silent workers’ residences. Suddenly, the tea leaves feel a little shaken when the air touches. Then fall asleep again. Sunrise noon is heard in the sound of tea leaves. Sometimes the tune of light music is sometimes a moment of silence to speak silently. In mid-afternoon the pressure was deposited with pressure. Then take a break from lunch and take some time. Salt meal mixed with salt tea and bread.

The second part of the work begins at the end of the rest. They have to do work without sunlight, irregular heating and rain. They returned home in the afternoon with grass roots, collected grass, cucurbati, dheikkishak etc. collected at noon. Everyone knows tea workers are festivals. The biggest party is the Holi game or the swing festival. During this time there is a three-day holiday for the garden. Workers’ dances and clowns are being played in the rhythm of the cloth. Apart from this, village worship, Tusupuja, Durga Puja are included in the festival of tea gardens.

How to go: The location of the Lavanichara tea garden near the Sylhet-Airport port road. You do not have to face any problem to be traveling in Malinichara. Because there is also a sophisticated hotel and motel. There is also a clean house (its location in Lakkatura tea garden). The location of Sylhet Tourism Motel near the Osmani Airport at the last border of the Manali Chara Garden. Here the non AC room is 575 taka, AC 1380 taka.

Return to home in the afternoon: Lalkatura Tea Garden and Lakkatura Golf Club can stay for a while while returning from the Garden of Lavani. Here you can wait till the evening and send the sun to the sun Enjoy the beauty of it quietly. We will choose whatever is good, whatever is beautiful. For this reason, we can spend a nice day enjoying joy in the soundless safe tea garden. The heart of the sinking in the mechanical city will be filled with green touches and love.

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