Lakkatura tea garden in Sylhet

Famous district Sylhet for tea Lakkatura Tea Garden is one of the old tea gardens in Bangladesh. Lakkatura Tea Garden is located in Chowkidhki Upazila of Sylhet district. This tea garden under National Tea Board is located near the Osmani Airport. Its location is north of Sylhet city. The tea gardens have been developed around the green tea garden. Numerous tea trees, high low mountains, and unearthed green garden around have given unique gurus.


Lakkatura tea garden

If you want to get lost in your tea state. The location of this tea garden covers 32,000 acres of land. It is one of the largest tea gardens in Bangladesh. Lakkatura Tea Garden produces 5 lakh kg of tea every year. Lakkatura Tea Garden Tea is exported to meet domestic needs abroad.

Labakatura Tea Garden has rubber factory and tea factory. If the Osmani airport is to the right, the main gateway of tea garden can be found. Entering the entrance will see on the front of the rubber factory and tea factory. Then a little further you will see some bungalows. The location of these bungalows on a high street in a narrow street. The garden manager and assistant manager live in the bungalow.

Tea gardens are dominated by tea, but there are also rubber gardens. Anyone in the tea garden can enter. But the authorities have to get permission. Access to tea gardens without permission. Located on the Lakkatura Tea Garden, the famous Maliniichara tea garden is located. In Lakkatura Tea Garden, you can enjoy all the many tea plants, high-rise hill tops, bungalows, rubber gardens and tea workers’ tea collections.

Way to go

Lakkatura Tea Garden is located in Sylhet. Therefore, to reach Lakkatura tea garden from any end of the country, first to go to Sylhet. You can go to Sylhet by bus, train or plane from Dhaka. If you can go from Sylhet to Sylhet, you can go to Green Line, S Alam Transport, Saudia, and transportation. If you go to the train, you will be able to visit the vansan, jayantika, parabat, klony express.

Going to Sylhet, Lakkatura tea garden can go to autorickshaw, rickshaw or CNG. Apart from the Ambarkhana point in Sylhet, only 10-15 minutes can be reached in Lakkatura.

Where to stay
There are many places to stay in Sylhet. You can spend the night at the residential hotels of Sylhet, such as Hotel Hill Town, Surma Kaikobad, Darga Gate, Gulshan. There are many rest houses in the Lala Bazar area. You will spend 400- 4,000 rupees in these rest houses and hotels. The price varies depending on the quality.

Nilkanthi cabins color saturn tea

Tea Capital Sylhet And in Sylhet the attractive tea can not be found, so what? We have heard many of Sylhet’s seven colored teas. The reputation of this tea has spread across the country and abroad long ago. There are seven levels of tea in the same glass. It’s great to eat too. Apart from the seven-level tea here, there are six layers, five layers, four-level tea. Ramesh Gaur, a 42-year-old man, has been making seven-color tea for 12-13 years. Ramesh Gaur has two shops named Nilkanthi T-Cabin. One is in Ramnagar in Srimangal and the other is in the 14 Rifle Battalion Canteen of Kalighat Road.

Ramesh Gaur himself is the inventor of these seven colors. In 2002, he discovered bi-level tea in the same glass. Within a few days the response fell on the city. Then his tea business continued to run smoothly. Gradually he started making tea in three layers, four levels in the same glass. Thus, the seven layers of tea started in circulation. She has been doing business with good reputation for 12-13 years.

There are many types of tea available in the Nilkanthi tea cabin except in a teardered tea. Spices Tea, Clone Tea, Milk Tea, Green Tea, Ada Tea etc. Green Tea, Aadera Tea, Red tea price is 5 taka Milk tea is 10 taka and high special tea is 20 taka. The seven-level tea cost is 70 rupees, the six-level tea cost is 60 rupees, the five-level tea cost is 50 rupees, the four-level tea cost is 40 rupees, the three-level tea cost is 30 rupees and the two-level tea is worth Tk 20.

Way to go
If you go to Kalighat Road with Rickshaw from Srimangal in Sylhet, you will see ‘Neelkanth’ on the big signboard. You can drink tea safely in this cabin because it is in the 14 rifle battalion canteen. There is another tea shop in Ramnagar. ‘Nilkanthi’ cabins tea shop will be available in front of the Kalighat Road with rickshaw. Rent only 25-30 rupees

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