Kuakata – The Longest Sea-Beach in Bangladesh

Kuakata Sea beach located in the south of Bangladesh. A beautiful lure of beautiful beauty Travel pilgrimage place called kayakata Lots of tourists in the country gathering in this Kuakata, dusk of sunrise and sunset watching abroad.

But how to go, where to turn and where to stay? So you have given a full travel guide for you today.

How to go from Dhaka:
Kuakata can go two ways. Waterways and roadways If you want to go by the water you will have to go to Dhaka Sadar Ghat first. Four consecutive launch launches to Patuakhali from there every day. But if you want to go to the launch, it is better to cut the leak of at least one day before the launch.
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Single cabin rental rental between 1200 and 2000 taka There is also the launch deck, which has less rent. If you want you can order dinner on the launch or take it from your home. Launch tour is very enjoyable.

If you travel first on the launch then you will become lucky. Launch from 4 pm to 6 pm leaving Dhaka. Get to Patuakhali by 6 or 7 in the morning. From 6am onwards, every 1 hour has left the quayakata bus from Patuakhali bus stand. The bus stand from the launch ghat is 25-30 taka.

If you want to go on the road, you must go to Gabtali bus stand. Two types of AC, non-AC bus services will be available. Non AC Bus Rent 1000 Taka 2000 Taka From 8am to 10am, 4 buses left Dhaka. And night coach starts from 7pm to 10pm And two buses from Gabtali leave directly to Quayakta but their services are not good.

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Road condition is very good on the road. From Patuakhali, the cost of the kayakata is Rs. 150 to Rs.

** Keep one thing in mind, no other bus can fly from Patuakhali after 5pm.

Where would you live in Kuakata?

There are many hotels to stay in Kuakata. There are 3 star quality hotels. There is also the official Dakbungalow. There are also many good hotels in the middle quality. Rent a single bed These hotels start from 300 rupees. For 6-7 people, you can rent 4 bed rooms, which will cost Rs 800-1500. All the hotels are near the beach.

Where to eat:

There are many restaurants in the Kuakata for food, but you must know the price before ordering.
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Do not forget to see what happens to Kuakata:
There is a lot to see in Kuakata. There is a Buddhist temple near the beach that will grab your mind. The famous well near the temple is located in Kuakata. The Rakhain market is beside the side. You can do the shopping here from here. Here are the finest of all the weaving looms. And put the Burmese touch.

Another Buddhist statue of 3 storied heights of candy is 6 km away from the beach. Kuakata Echo Park is located just off the coast of Zhouban. Very Amazing Park. You can also travel from Kuakata to the middle of the sea by trawar for some time. With the help of milk, you can see some parts of the Sundarbans.

Sunrise is another beauty of the sea shore. None of those who come to Kuakata miss this point. To see the sunrise you will have to wake up early in the morning and go somewhere from the beach in the area of ​​Kaoyar Char. You can go on a motorcycle. The sunrise scene that once saw can never be forgotten. Besides, you can see the red crab rush in Kawar Chara. In Kuakata, there are fishermen villages. On the west side of the beach You can see if you want. If you want to water the ocean water, then you can fall into the ocean waters without hesitation.

There is nothing like chicabali type like Cox’s Bazar. There is no sloping hole. There are good news for those who want to ride on the beach. Bike rentals are available as kilometers. 10 pounds per kilogram At the end of the day you will see one’s heart with the heart of the sunset scene. The biggest advantage of the Kuakata beach is solitude. The waves roar, the waves flowing on the shore will take you to another world. Never miss a chance to be in touch with the sea.

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