Katka Sea beach in Khulna

Katka Sea beach Khachna, Chandpai and Sharankhola Range are the tallest watch tower by  the Katoj jetty. If you get here, you can see the Pal Pal deer in the open ground.

Katka Sea beach

Kanchikhali, Sharankhola Range, from Sundarbans: Watch Tower is the tallest place in Khulna, Chandpai and Sharankhola ranges along the Katka JT. If you get here, you can see the Pal Pal deer in the open ground. Just before there is a sweet pond-deer, other wildlife besides tigers come here to drink water.

As far as the Katka-Kanchikhali beach is before the towers, the forest will become dense, the trolley will become narrow. Uncommunicative, beautiful beach, Cutalka-Kanchikhali Deer in the forest, like monkeys, the number of tigers is also high. Therefore, it is necessary to advance through the long grass in open ground. Jamatoli village through the deep forest has reached a narrow path on the Katka beach. From there, Kanchikhali is located on the left side of the beach with two walks.

On one side of the one-hour trolley, the row of quadrangle, plum, rhythm, oval tree Occasionally the natural doors of octaves have been created. There is no opportunity to get the feeling of forest racing in three ranges!

But the eyes and ears should be kept open. Fishermen, radicals, woodcutters, tigers, monkeys, and pirates are more afraid than pirates – monsters, ghosts In this forest there is a tradition that once a person is eaten by a tiger, he is born as a ‘tiger’ His ghost revolves around the nature of a tiger in the forest – people wait. If a person is seen, then he jumped over him.

If you can kill him, you will get rid of ‘Bhoot Born’. So when people entered the jungle to fetch honey or wood, the ghost called precisely to the people. For this, no one calls anyone by name in the jungle. Calling ‘ku’ in the call. One will say ku and immediately the other will answer This belief is the most powerful in the Sundarbans region. The most beautiful, beautiful beaches are Katka-Kanchikhali- To live from the influence of Bagghat, “Deer of the forest, Banwibi Parvarna in the forest “It is fairy goddess Banubi.

Not only the fear of the tiger, but the sound of breaking the waves when approaching the beach will tell how much the sea is in the ocean here! Majhiyara says, the coastal beach filled with three waves during the tide. It seems as though the sea is comparatively shallow, but in reality it is not. The main fear is the trickle.

The forest department has hanged the notification warning hanging ‘Katka’ is being requested to not go to a dangerous beach / beach water. The unsurpassed, scenic beach of Katka-Kanchikhali the greater the fear of the way, the beauty of the area is so much more. By crossing the forest on the right path, the pine tree rows will be seen by looking at the beach. On the beach, with the waves lifted the sea sand, even though the white sand deposited at the beginning of the pine tree. The sea-side so far as the eyes go away.

The small crab bus across the Katka-Kanchikhali beach, when the sound of the feet goes into the hole, goes into the hole. Each of them has different properties During the hole digging, the soil has climbed up to Alpana, which continues to run.

Tigers, deer, monkeys, wild pigs and many more animals come to drink at this beach in the early morning. On the way to Kanchilkhali, there is a possibility of facing the tigers and other animals on foot. But if there is no fear when you are grouped without isolated.

Our journey started in the morning on Monday (December 19th) due to the dissonance, sight-seeing beach Katka-Kanchikhali Shanban started on the left side of the pine tree. A few miles away, we were sure that we saw the deer’s footprint in the sand on the beach. We are going on the right track. Then the tiger’s footprint mixed! Forest guard Suitit said that he was headed towards Shanbon. We talked through ourselves – we can meet in the end.

Following the tiger footprints, we started moving forward. After leaving some more two impressions, it was understood that the mother tiger gave the baby That is, there are three tigers, including children, in this region. We were walking for Kanchikhali. After the yard went to Panchak, two other tigers had a footprint – five stood up. According to the forest guard, two children and two mothers and one male big tiger walk on this route.

After giving the baby the mother tiger became horrible. So the plan to enter Shanben was dropped. As you go through the beach, beauty continues to grow alongside the path. After about two hours of walk, we reached Kanchipurali. From there, Sumitakhal is the destination. If fate is good, there are many unknown birds, tigers and crocodiles in the trawler.

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