Kaptai National Park in Bangladesh

The area of ​​Kaptai National Park is about 5, 464 hectares or 13 thousand 500 acres. Besides the lake, hills, rivers, canals, fountains, the main attraction of the park is the variety of birds and wildlife.

Kaptai National Park

It is one of the ancient gardens in the subcontinent. It was developed in Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. The location of this forest is about 57 kilometers northeast of Chittagong city. And the distance from Rangamati city is about 35 kilometers. In 1873, 1878 and 1879, there was a tropical forest resulting from forestry. Under the Bangladesh Wildlife Act of 1974, it got the status of national park. Earlier, Kaptai National Park was part of the reserve forest of Sitapahara.

The natural beauty of the Kaptai National Park on the slopes of hills is uncertain. There are plenty of trees in this garden – Segun, Chapaliish, Jarul, Champa, Sonalu, Chalakta, Chikarashi, Shal, Shilkurai, Shermara, Gamari, Arjuna, Amalaki, Amra, Pigeon, Pyaar, Bampata, Bailam , Nagaswar, Hijal, Udal, Uriya, Lohakhath etc. If you walk on the way through the shade of these trees, the mind will be lost in an unknown way.

The forest is also rich in many biodiversity. Among the inhabitants of Kaptai National Park are wild elephants, deer, hanuman, ape, pigs, cougar, guishap, oysters etc. If luck is good, one of the biggest venomous snake charmers can be found in the world. Today wildlife is often found in this forest. Elephants roam around the forest freely. This jungle is a safe havens of birds of different species. Trees, fungi, bulbuli, kaltmure, banmoor, maynna, dew, tia, fisharanga and various types of bird are found in the tree branches, behind the bush. But if you want to see them, then you will be able to keep the loin cloth in the forest.

Under the forest area management program, a number of observation and pathways have been built in the forest. The most striking and notable route is the middle forest of Burchchhari. The length of the road is a little less than two and a half kilometers in the forest starting from the Bungchhari Marmapara on Chittagong-Kaptai highway. Biodiversity is the highest in this way. There are several observation centers and towers. There are several small fountains on the way to the high hills.

There are two villages of the Marma small ethnic community in the Kaptai National Park area. A bamchhari Marmapara and Chitmurang Barpara These villages will see their diverse lifestyle. However, before entering the village, it is necessary to take permission from the dealer or headman.

How to go

Travel from Dhaka to bus, train or air will come to Chittagong. Here, for 15 minutes from Bahaddarhat bus station, the bus leaves the bus for Kaptai. It takes one to two and a half hours to reach. Rent 80 to 100 taka Apart from this, buses of dolphins, Saudia, S Alam, Shyamoli Paribahan buses from Dhaka directly to Kaptai. These buses left from Kalabagan, Fakirapul and Saidabad in Dhaka. Rent 450 to 550 taka

Where to be

There are some common hotel hotels to stay. The hotels in Kaptai city are Hotel Three Star, Hotel Safe, Boalkhali Boarding, Kamal Boarding etc. There are two living rooms for 200 to 600 rupees. In addition, to remain in the rest house of the forest department will require prior consultation. The Kaptai area has a lot of quality food for a variety of restaurants. Bangladesh tourism corporation jum restaurants are the best for the best meal.

To do jungle trips

Always wear light clothes. Clothing colors will also be light. Shoes to wear Take the sunshine, sunshine, umbrella, water bottle. Take a tour with the umbrella or the raincoat when you go to the rainy season. Do not forget to take insecticidal cream to protect from insects and mosquitoes. In the jungle, there is increased leakage in the jungle. So take a pants in the pouch to avoid leech. You can take long distance to see the wild animals and birds. Try to stay as quiet as possible during the jungle trips. Wild animals are annoyed with more noise. Then it will be difficult to meet them. Do not waste the environment by placing them with plastic packets, bottles, cans. Put them out and put them in the place of dirt.

Do not do that in the jungle

Do not go to the jungle to make a picnic. Do not play loud or on a mike song or anything. No words or sounds that wild animals are annoying. Do not throw anything in the jungle of dirt, plastic. Do not smoke in the forest.

Necessary information

Kaptai is good not to travel alone in the national park. Must be taken along with an experienced guide when traveling group. It will be easy to see the jungle trips and wildlife. There are some guides in the Kaptai Garden. These guides can be taken in exchange for the prescribed honor. Some of the guide’s mobile numbers- Karim Uddin 01822223180, Nantu Chakma 01831546042, Mong Ching E Marma 01822153537, Revolution Barua 01812075445

Apart from this, you can contact the Kaptai National Park office 03529-56357.

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