“Jurachharhi ” most popular in Rangamati

“Jurachharhi ” Those who did not have the opportunity to see the enchanting sea-beaches or mountainous beaches in Europe, America, the Middle East, the Far East, Thailand, Singapore or the Maldives.

"Jurachharhi "
Yet those who do not have the opportunity to see the enchanting watershed in the famous sea beaches or mountains of Europe, America, the Middle East, the Far East, Thailand, Singapore or the Maldives, they may make a mistake by seeing the above picture.

Think of it – that is the famous watershed in the Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka or Europe-America mountains!

Not at all! This is Jurachharhi Rangamati hill district of Bangladesh! If you do not see the place of Lilabhumi, there will be a big defect in life!

This upazila is a 37-kilometer distance from Rangamati district headquarter, with aesthetic beauty. The ‘hillock’ Jurachhari beauty, which extends over 606 sq km, is sitting in a beauty salon for the trousers.

Jurachharhi beauty is sitting in the lap of Kaptai lake, as a part of the pirata of Rangamati. The man-made artificial beauty is not available here!

But the beautiful nature of Jurachharan lying in the water body on the ground floor remained hidden behind the eyes of the pirates. Those who are living in the era of settlement over a thousand feet high Tyler, they know only about this beauty!

Tree trees coming down from the distant hills on one side of Jurachharhi On the other side, in the silent water of the Kaptai lake, Jhiri Jhiri Vitas’ Mitali awakens the sleeping beauty of human beings. Where do you want to get lost in mind Whoever calls from ‘Betar’ is called ‘Outside’.

To enjoy the beauty of the journey, there is no need to roam the entire hillside of Jurachari. The teela on which the upazila complex will look around its surroundings.

Concrete road for governing the hill of Kaptai Lake and the rows of rows laid out on the street by the road, the beauty of the coconut tree has been given to Jurachari.

Unlike the upazila complex, the coconut, roar and jarul tree hinges on the connecting link of the Thana Complex. If this beauty responds to the intense call, the life will be enjoyable!

About 27 thousand people were rescued in this Jurachhari upazila. Most of them are from Chakma community.

Besides, Muslims, Hindus, Rakhine, Marma, Tangchena, Panko, Tripura, Qiang, Marong and Bom community are living in Jurachhari Upazila. It is rare to live with one of the many communities in one of the upazilas of Bangladesh.

Maintaining communal harmony can also be one of the important aspects of the life of the people of Jurachharra, which have been co-ordinated for a long time. Here, various types of people of different types of culture, dress, eating habits, and diversity of people will meet the hunger pity.

Besides, there are several small Buddhist Vihara, Jharna and Dighi in Jurachari. If you have the opportunity to revisit them, then adding new levels will add more to the beauty of the pic.

Army Camp is located beside Jurachhari Upazila Complex. Besides, Jurachhari Police Station Providers are always ready to provide security. They came running for any need.

Jurassari communication system from Rangamati city is fairly satisfactory. From the reserve ghat in the city’s Kaptai Lake, one dies at 7:30 in the morning and an engine-driven boat was left in the afternoon. John gets 70 rupees per rental

It takes about two and a half to three hours to pass this Panipat, about 37 kilometers away. On the way, the boat stopped at three four gates including Shuvalong, New Market. You can rent a speedboat or trawl if you want.

There is no provision for Jurassari. There was no modern restaurant to eat. However, there is a delicious meal at the Mohammed Ali Hotel beside the upazila complex. The price is lower.

Since there is no arrangement for stay, then the day will come back in the Rangamati town. For this, we have to catch the returning boat at 8:30 pm and at 8:30 pm.

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