Jamuna Future Park bigest Shopping mall in Bangladesh

The world’s 1/3 and Asia’s biggest purchasing mall is considered as “Jamuna Future Park”. This shopping for complex located in the capital’s Kurli has all sorts of buying and enjoyment facilities.

 Jamuna Future Park


Address and Contact:

A-2144, Kuril, Pragati Sarani, Baridhara, Dhaka.

Phone: 8416051-2

Mobile: 01937-40020-22

Fax: 02-8416050

Website: www.jamunafuturepark.com


Market expansion:

Outside of Pragati Sarani, coming into the Future Park premises, the first outdoor rides There are six interesting rides booming around the world. Roller coaster, skydrip, magic windmill, pirate ship, flying disco and tower challenger awakening in the Outdoor Riders of futures park in the shade illumination. The first floor is all set for car parking. Other floors have been adapted for product categories. Each floor is divided into “south-west”, “north-west”, “south-east” and “northeast”. Products and services of certain categories can be found in each category. The sixth floor of this shopping mall has been developed as an entertainment zone. The 6th floor contains Food Court, Restaurants, Players Zone, Blockbuster Cinemas etc.


Blockbuster Cinemas:

‘Blockbuster Cinemas’, which consists of seven cinema halls of the latest technology. Digital Sound System, 3D Film, Organic and Luxurious Coffee Lounge, Comfortable Living Guests, VIP Lounge, Online Ticketing, seven types of interesting interior designs of seven halls, beautiful lobby designs, ‘blockbuster cinemas’ And in the hope of meeting expectations.


Open-ended schedule:

This luxurious market is closed on Sunday of the week. And the market office is closed on Friday. The other day of the week is open from 11am to 10pm. B: DR: This schedule is changeable

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