Jaflong beautifull tour spot in Sylhet

The beauty of the winter and monsoon season in Jaflong is very different in the form of beauty. In the rainy season, the flavor of the jasper flower is reflected in different levels. The dust becomes an ill-fated environment. Breathless breathless breathing in the environment.


Meghraj, like the cotton of the Khasia hills, is roaming like a cotton, and when the rain falls into the rainstorm, the danger is inconvenient – it should be a different shiver. As well as several thousand feet of sheds flowing down, the scenes of the fountain added to anybody’s eye.

Jaffalong also appeared in another form in the winter. The surroundings of the greenery, the forested forest on the hill top. As a result, winter and monsoon can always be a suitable place for sightseeing. Jaflong’s chest has flown two rivers. Rinse and piano This river has brought two other things to Jaflong.

A small fish of different varieties of trees, fluttering in groups of clear and pneumatic water. The tourists were impressed by the fact that thousands of workers dug up from the bottom of the two rivers and collected stones. This ‘siesta’ of men and women in river water can be seen from dawn to evening. Juffling bridges on the other side of the border, between the hills of the Dauki River, has increased the beauty of Jaflong. Japhlong is a fairy tale state, in all the mountains, water, drinks, stones, and fountains.

Travelers from different parts of the country, even from outside the country, came to Jhabhalong to visit the city to find double-deed peace, leaving the citizen’s rubbish and noise. The pian and the rails float on the boat in the boat to ride on the chest. The beauty of Jaflong is not limited to hills and rivers.

Jabalong’s beauty adds different dimension to Indigenous lifestyle Khasiaonji will cross the river. Khasiyad’s village is called Punji. If you go to these ponies, you can see 3 to 4 feet high Khasiyad’s house. Each house is built in the park.

Men of Matricultural Khasia community collected trees from the bark and planted leaves. And sitting in the courtyard of the house, the members of the women get folded and folded into a cage to sell them. An interesting view of collecting leaflets and admission of cage is to visit the tourists. Apart from Panabrag, the orange garden can be seen in Khasia Palli. Gardens of gardens have been floated in raw-ripe oranges. On the road of struggle, they will be seen as the first flat tea garden in the country.

Through history, it is known that Jahaplong was Khasia Jainta for a thousand years; After the abolition of the zamindari tradition in 1954 Khasia Jainta Rajya was born. Yet for a number of years, the vast areas of Jaflong fell. Traders started to come to Jaflong on the way to find stones.

Being a stone business, growing up, new settlements also grow. In the 1980s, 55 kilometers of Jaflong road connectivity with Sylhet was established. From then on Jaflong’s beauty and beauty spread all over the country. Nature lovers, along with domestic and foreign tourists, were also crowded in Jaflonge.

For a few decades, the Jaflong area is known as the most prominent tourism tourist known as tourism in the country and abroad as the country’s second largest tourism city. In addition to the Eid every year, besides tourists from different districts of the country, foreign tourists also visit Jaflong tourism area to see nature girl Jaflong with a glance. These tourists have developed a variety of business commerce in Jaflong area. It includes residential-non-residential hutal restaurants, wide-ranging clothes of indigenous and foreign and gift items including cosmetics.

How to go

The location of Jaflong in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet, 62 kilometers north-east of Sylhet city. In Sylhet, buses, microbuses, CNG autorickshaws or laguna can be used in Jaflonge. Cars can be used to reserve any auto-rickshaw or microbus stand in Sylhet city. And Jhabalongukhi Bus leaving the city of Shibganj The bus can be found every one hour later.


There is not a good arrangement to stay in Jaflong without the bungalow of the district council. In this case the tourists should have Sylhet city. It is better to take food with you while going to Jaflong. Because Khasia Adivasi Village Sangramapunji is not the only Cafe struggle, there is no good food restaurant in Jaflong. Before going to Sylhet, if you wish to stay in Jaflong district council then you will have to book the booking on the phone before coming to Sylhet. But there is a good arrangement for staying in Sylhet city. All the quality hotels are here.

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