Intoduce of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small us of a of South Asia. Its region is 1,47,570.55 square Kilometres. Most of the human beings in Bangladesh live by way of cultivation. It has a huge populace of 14 crore.The price of literacy is 40%.90% percent of the complete populace is Muslim. Hinduism is the second largest religion.

There are moreover the Christians and the Buddhists in Bangladesh. The density of populace is the absolute best in the world here.Dhaka is the capital of the country. About 10 million people live in the capital.

The different major cities of the u . s . are Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal. The most important port of the us of a is at Chittagong. Khulna is also any other port city.

Though there are pretty a few industries in the country, the u . s . is no longer that a great deal rich industrially The garment enterprise is the largest enterprise which which brings 55% of the total export earning.

We have a parliamentary gadget of Government Prime minister is the head of the Government who is elected after each and every 5 years. Rice is the fundamental staple of the people. We have a bad economy. The per capital income in Bangadesh is about $288. The forex of the united states of america is taka. Rate of female literacy is low. Women are dominated by means of the male.

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Bangladesh is a land of Magnificent beauty, the heritage of a herbal splendor and a historical legacy that dates returned to the seventh century.Unspoiled and frequently unexplored, the u . s . affords the most fascinating experiences to visitors, ranging from a closeness with nature at its pristine extraordinary to a life-style trip into civilizations ancient and new.

The splendors of the seas, beaches, rivers, hills, forests and herbal world entice even the most traveled of tourists.Its lavish natural splendor and inexperienced opulence is its essential pride. In addition  a resplendent charm is through the a range of historic archaeological.It is cultural internet web sites that stand as sentinels of a majestic past.

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Moreover, the area of expertise of pre-sent-day Bangladesh with its excellent hospitable human beings its tantalizing delicacies its quaint nearby customs, its massive array of delicately handmade ware, its inventive and cultural happenings are an introduced bonus, and the most note-worthy feature that underpins this large range of attractive sights is the enormously low charge of being a traveller here.

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