International Mother Language Day : 21st February

In the records of mankind humans around the world have many days to remember. International Mother Language Day is one of the memorable days.

Every independent kingdom observes the day in reminiscence of the language martyrs and speaks in reward of the mother tongue;
International Mother Language Day : 21st February

21 February of every yr is regarded as the worldwide mom language day. On twenty one Gregorian calendar month 1952, throughout the time of Pakistani rule some brave sons of our u. s. ordered down their lives for our tongue, Bangla.Since then, the day had been discovered as our Shaheed Day commemorating the sacrifice of the language martyrs.

But when you consider that 2000, this day has been recognized with the aid of the UNO as the worldwide Mother Language day. 21 February is now observed all over the world as a pink letter day. In our country it is determined as a national mourning day. The country Flag is hoisted 1/2 mast to mark the day. People of all instructions convey out a procession known as “Probhat Ferry”.

Everybody in the procession walks bare-footed and sings the unhappy song. – “Amar bhaer rakte rangano ….. amiki bhulite pari.” Flowers and wreaths are placed at the foot of the Shahid Minar to pay homage to the martyrs. Discussions, seminars and cultural suggests are organized throughout the country. Our newspapers bring out special features.

The TV & Radio put up exclusive programmes highlighting the value of the day. This day is of amazing significance. We have finished Bangla as our tongue. The Language Movement gave U.S.A. the spirit of liberation and that we grew to be freelance in 1971.

Today we are free and we have our very own lifestyle and heritage. This day has given us nonour and fame. The world today acknowledges that Bangla is an necessary language.

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