Independence Day of Bangladesh

The Independence Day of Bangladesh 26th March is a purple letter day in the records of Bangladesh. It is regarded as our independence Day. The twenty sixth March could be a red letter day within the history of Asian country. it’s considered our national holiday.

independence day of bangladesh

The Independence Day of Bangladesh,On these days , we have a tendency to pay wealthy tributes to the memory of the martyrs United Nations agency set down their lives for the sake of our independence, we have a tendency to celebrated the last ‘independence Day’ in our faculty terribly resplendently. Our academics heartily helped U.S. within the arrangements.


On the twenty fifth march,The Independence Day of Bangladesh, we decorated each nook of the faculty compound with inexperienced leaves, festoons and coloured papers.Adequate seating arrangements were created for the instructors and students. below the preparation of our physical teacher and a few completely different trainer we tend to mounted the things.

We started the social gathering via hoisting the national flag. Immediately once this the march past took location and therefore the school principal of our school tool the selute. Then they herb the anthem. we tend to to boot organized a dialogue meeting and a cultural operate. each the instructors and therefore the students took section I the discussion.

Actually the day is very blissful and enjoyable. That day comes each year.

Phohela Boishak

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