Inani Beach “the fine golden sandy beach” in Bangladesh

The Inani Beach is called the imaging tiger, only 20 to 25 kilometers away from Calatali. The beach, which is surrounded by the sea in the west, has become a tourist center by the end of the 20th century.

I have the opportunity to see the surprise after eight ten minutes after leaving the CNG from Kotalali. On the way from Kalatoli to Teknaf Marine Drive Road, the high mountain and the vast sea waves on the other side fall on one side. Unaware of the mind, I was once again looking at the right.

See how to grow gourds, rows and coconut and betel leaves. There are cold water fountains in Himchari. A large sea bust of blue watershade, the opportunity to see a pole, went to the hills of Himchari. But this time I missed the opportunity to go to Himchari.


If you do not go alone, it will be more fun to go to eight open jeeps open. Looking a little out of CNG inside is a little cumbersome. Besides, there was some problem in getting rid of head for some caution. In this way, after about 45 minutes we reached Inani Sea Beach.

It is possible to get acquainted with CNG with Deputy Director of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Bureau Azadul Islam. Very gentle and humorous Although age is a lot of travel addiction. It is known that the cool water of Inani Sea Beach dobbed water is very sweet, in this gentleman’s hospitality.

However, where is the coral stone of Inani Sea Beach? Did not find What is wrong on the magazine and TV? Or just to attract tourists? Was there any need to come to this beach? I was thinking that for a while.

It was actually my mistake. There is a tide in the afternoon. And there is no chance to see coral reefs. To see coral is to go to the morning. As soon as it is late in the morning, the chance of losing this opportunity increases.

There is nothing to go in the afternoon. This beach is unsuitable for bathing. There is a possibility of injury due to the waves due to the waves. The Labani Point is located near the city which is suitable for bathing.

On the east side of the beach there are mountains. There are monkeys, Hanuman and even elephants too much. But I did not have the chance to see. There is such a written in the signboard.

Way to go: Cox-bajar kalatali to CNG operated auto-rickshaw, tandem, jeep, small bus etc. CNG, Tomato etc., do not go to the reserve. Would like to go to local

I did not get to see the full beauty of Inni. However, the beauty of the green and blue waters on the way to the coming is not only the beauty but also the less. After all, the holiday was kept in captivity in memory. You can also visit if you want.

From the fatigue of the work, it can be lost in cold air, broad water, green jawn, etc., spending only a few hours.

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