Himchari National Park in Bangladesh

Himchari National Park was established in 1980. It covers the Sadar upazila and Ramu upazilas of Cox’s Bazar district. Its size is 1729. The nature of the forest here is the tropical evergreen forest. It is under the jurisdiction of Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division. Around 8427 families live around the park.

Himchari National Park


Those who earn their livelihood through this forest. Besides, due to the intrusion of Rohingya refugees, there is an acute shortage of forest land, population growth, poverty, lack of education and lack of adequate water are increasing day by day. The forest department is involved in the activities of the local people in conserving the national park.

More than 50 trees are found in this garden and many medicinal plants are available. About 55 species of mammals are found here, among which are monkeys, Hanuman etc. There are also 286 species of birds. Among which are the mountains-mohana, tia etc. There are about 56 species of reptiles and both species of monkeys are found.

From Cox’s Bazar the city is easily accessible by road to Himchari. Here is the house of forest department. Which can be used with prior permission.

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