Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) mazar in Sylhet

Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) mazar

Thousands of people come to Sylhet every day regardless of religion and color, from the different parts of the country to the Hazrat Shahjalal (RA) mazarjeirat, lying in the heart of Tyler in the middle of the city Sylhet. Because of Shahjalal CharanSpahar, many people call Sylhet as a holy place.

Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) mazar

Hazrat Shahjalal (R 🙂 is a famous saint and pir. He is said to be the olykulo Shiromani. Through the Sylhet region, Islam was promoted through him. In the context of torture of King Gaurgobind on the first Muslim of Sylhet, Sheikh Burhanuddin, and in this context Hazrat Shahjalal (R 🙂 and his traveling companion 360 Sylhet arrived in Sylhet. A significant event in history. There is a pond on the north side of the shrine of Raj Jalal (R). There are numerous gazars in this pond. Visitors to this fish are given the small fish. Gazer’s fish pots in the pond and gives pleasure to the visitors.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R 🙂 welcomed him with the recognition of the spiritual power of Jahlal (R :). As a symbol of love, he presented him with a pair of pearls of Kabir or Jalali Kabutara Surma. The Surma-colored pigeons present in Sylhet and its surrounding areas are known as the descendants of the Kobot couple and Jalali Kabutar. Shajalal’s shrine is seen flying in the jhankake kabutara every day. There is a lot of publicity in Sylhet about this pigeon.

There is a well near the shrine of Shahjalal. The location of this cappasuna and silver colored fish can be seen. The well around the well gets flowing water. If you go to the west side of the shrine to see the shower. Fountain water is sold by bottle filling.

There are three large dixies inside the house. They were donated by Mir Murad of Dhaka. Cooking is not cooked in the panels. The devotees donate a lot of money to the deities for the good of the devotees. The small house of the grillaghera star on the south side of the mazar is the small house of Shahjalal Chillamahala. The space is only two feet wide. It is said – Hazrat Shahjalal spent 23 years of his life in this Chillakhana.

Hazrat Shahjalal’s sword and kharam have been preserved in the nearby Mughty Nazimuddin Ahmadbari. The plates and the bats are preserved in the house of Murtawalli of Dargah.

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How to go: To go to Sylhet Railway Station or Kadamtali bus stand, go to the shrine with rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw. Rickshaw rent is 20-25, CNG rental is 80-100 taka. The crossing of the river Surma is to reach the main city and reach the shrine. Tourists can add rickshaw or CNG. Rent 30-50 / –

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