Hanging bridge in Rangamati

Many areas of the tourism industry of Rangamati rotate the Rangamati symbol named Hanging Bridge. Tourists walked in Rangamati basically surrounded this hanging bridge.

After the long three months of being submerged under the water, due to the arrival of winter in Kaptai due to cold water the Hanging Bridge has flown to welcome tourists. Now, Paush’s message welcomes tourists to Hanging Bridge.

Rangamati Tourism Motel and Holiday Complex Manager, Light Bikash Chakma, said that the Corporation has been deprived of 15-20 lakh income due to its long standing bridge under water. In winter, the Kaptai river has started flowing down due to the water of the hanging bridge hanging bridge. He also said that due to the water leakage from the bridge it has been repaired and welcomed to welcome the tourists. Now the bridge is being turned into tourists’ footpath. However, due to the completion of the examinations of many school students, tourists’ visits are relatively less. After the end of the examination, tourism corporation will again face the tourists’ face.

In response to the question of whether the bridge has taken any steps to stop the bridge, Bikash Chakma said that the bridge has been constructed in 1986. But our efforts are underway, the bridge will not sink in the rainy season. That is why we have demanded the government. To bridge the bridge up to 6-7 feet high or to wipe the hanging bridge of a modern standard. Responding to the question about the increase in the price of the ticket, he said, after considering the current market and real perspective about six years, the increase in the ticket price has been increased from Tk 10 to Tk 20.

Meanwhile, the Asad-Shampa tourist couple who came to visit from Rangpur said, “We have come to Rangpur from Rangpur to visit Hanging Bridge and Rangamati. It feels great now.
A group of students from Chittagong said that we go to Rangamati, surrounded by mountainous hills every year to see hanging bridges. Along with this, the silence of the green surroundings of the hills makes the city filled with charm. Besides, if there are various types of tourism spots in addition to the hanging bridge, then this region will be turned into tourism-rich areas.

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